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Graduates of an Anglo-American Law Program are definitely knowledgeable in civil and common law systems and face bright job opportunities as full-fledged lawyers in international legal institutions and law firm, or as executives in many other fields of endeavor. The program is a new way to study law, complementing the study of the traditional law degree course offered in many law schools. The program is compatible with global law studies and with an international business law course, stressing the fundamentals of both the civil law and Anglo-American law based on the principles of common law. Common law, as a system of principles and rules grounded in natural law, is historically the basis of Anglo-American legal systems.

The University of Navarra Law School in Spain offers the program for four years during the regular academic years. The courses include Introduction to Anglo-American law and Case Analysis, U.S. Constitutional Law and Criminal Law, U.S. Contract Law, U.S. Litigation and Dispute Resolution, U.S. Business and Corporate Law, U.S. Tax Law, and U.S. Tort Law. The John H, Carey II School of Law of the Anglo-American University in the Czech Republic provides students with a practical approach to the study of law in Europe where common law and civil law systems appear to blend partially. The Central European University‘s Department of Legal Studies offers a program for Anglo-American legal concepts leading to a master’s degree in international business law, with courses of Historical Development of Civil Law and Common Law Compared; Statutory and Case Law; Law and Equity; American Court System and Federal and State Courts; Public and Private Law; Constitutional Law; Administrative Law; Criminal Law and Procedure; and the Jury System: Role of Counsel and Judge in the Trial. In the Ritsumeiken University School of Law, the Anglo-American Law is treated as one of the common courses along with European Law and Asian Law for first, second and third-year students.

At the Southern University Law Center in Louisiana, the Anglo-American Law is integrated into the curriculum to ensure students that they graduate with a comprehensive knowledge of both common law and civil law, and prepare them for various career opportunities. The University of Washington’s School of Law offers a course in Roman Law which affords students a background of the legal system that has profound impact on the Anglo-American common law, which still exists in many civil code nations.

Some law schools in Asia also offer Anglo-American Law courses to keep abreast with the developments in global law studies. The Chuo Law School of Chuo University of Tokyo offers a wide array of courses in Anglo-American Law to afford its students with basic concepts needed to study law in foreign law schools. The National Taipei University and the Kyung Hee University in South Korea offer a course of study in the Continental and Anglo-American law systems, and Anglo-American Law and Legal System, respectively, with emphasis on American law as provided in the U.S. Constitution.