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Studies & Degrees in Media Management

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Media Management Study Programs

Level: Undergraduate Bachelors     Location: Barcelona

Media management involves the managing of talent in show business. This means that professionals in the media management field work with actors, writers, artists, and musicians, facilitating the contact between them and those seeking talent. In media management, you could be responsible for controlling the finances of a popular band, or taking care of the royalties of a deceased movie star. Furthermore, you could work as an agent for a writer of books or magazines, discovering publishers, who could possibly buy the client’s work. A considerable part of your job would be to promote and control the media image of the talent you manage. You could be negotiating contracts, handling payments, and signing documents on behalf of the media professional. The latter is likely to give such rights to their media manager with the purpose to focus on their media work, opposed to promoting the work.

Personal Qualities

To be involved in media management, you need to be an extremely people-oriented personality, have an easygoing and friendly nature, as well as great interpersonal skills. Some other qualities include:

  • Outstanding communication skills
  • Excellent organizational and time-management skills
  • Very high level of emotional intelligence
  • Very good at negotiating and persuading people
  • Excellent problem-solving skills
  • Creativity and imagination

Study Options

The Media Management discipline is mostly available as a postgraduate degree, and is aimed at professionals within the media industry, who already have some managerial background in the field. Usually these programs require that you have completed a bachelor’s degree, but in some rare cases this may not be required – i.e. if you have gained some considerable experience within the media industry. It is also very common that the Media Management program is offered online, or as a part-time course, which allows working individuals to pursue it without interrupting their careers.

A postgraduate degree in Media Management would not only equip you with managerial skills within the field, but also develop an understanding of economic issues within the media industries; an understanding on the approaches and techniques when conducting research; equip you with the knowledge you need when it comes to legislative and policy issues; and enhance your strategic management skills and expertise.

Career Options

The media industry has a lot of management positions available, and with a degree in Media Management, you have a great choice of career opportunities. You can become a producer, journalism teacher, public relations director, or book publisher. Except for working with an individual talent, you can work as a public relations director - businesses and government agencies usually require that someone presents a good image of them in front of the people. You could either work at a public relations agency, or open one of your own. A job in publishing could also be an exciting option, becoming a newspaper or magazine publisher, or an editor-in-chief, if you prefer editing.