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Studies & Degrees in Marriage and the Family

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Marriage and the Family Study Programs

Many of us do not realize that marriage is the rock where a family stands. Marriage can either make or break a family. A family on the other hand influences each individual member. It can affect their individual behaviors and points of view in life. A family may seem to be a simple organization, but in reality it is dynamic and complex. Each member of the family deals with their own specific problems, but every decision that they will make affects not only the individual but the whole family as well. Good thing that there are those individuals who studied the Marriage and the Family course and can help each family address specific problems.

Marriage and Family therapists are professionals who are licensed to evaluate and treat mental health problems like depression, mood disorder, anxiety, and other psychological problems. They will also deal with behavioral, emotional and relationship problems such as child-parent conflict, marriage conflict, anorexia, alcoholism or substance abuse. Handling complicated domestic issues like sexual abuse within the family is also part of the job. The difference is that all of these issues should be within the jurisdiction or in the context of the family. They approach health care holistically and aim for the long-term well-being of the whole family.

To become a marriage and family therapist, a background on psychology, psychiatry social work, nursing, or even education is necessary. The next step will be taking up a master’s degree, doctorate program or a clinical training program for another two to five years. Clinical experience is a must before taking any licensing exam or certification. Always remember that as a marriage and family therapist, the focus of the therapy is providing family-oriented solutions which are specific and attainable. Most of the time, marriage and family therapist works as a part of a team that includes for example the family physician.

Throughout the years, the approach being used by marriage and family therapists has proven to be effective. It is no surprise that the field of Marriage and Family Therapy is one of the fastest growing mental disciplines. The concise, family-centered, solution-focused techniques had helped countless individuals and families with relationship, emotional or mental health problems. Marriage and family therapist or MFTs are always in demand and there are many facilities that need MFTs such as social services, schools and universities, health maintenance organizations, inpatient facilities, courts and prisons, and in the future, with enough training and experience, a private practice is another possibility.

There is a growing and renewed sense of awareness on the value of family and how it affects individuals. Most problems within the family do require professional handling before it becomes more damaging to the individual members of the family. As the family is dynamic and structures evolve, more relationship will be formed and naturally, some problems may arise. The need for MFTs is always going to be there as each family continues to cope up with the many stressors they will encounter in this fast changing world.