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Studies & Degrees in Architectural Design

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Architectural Design Study Programs

Level: Undergraduate Bachelors     Location: Segovia
Level: Undergraduate Bachelors     Location: Villanueva de la Cañada

Though the term “architectural design” is just close at hand recently, its application has long been around for centuries. Despite the lack of modern materials used today, architectural designs during those olden times were very prominent because of its majestic projection. A distinct example of this is the magnificent structure of Egyptian pyramids which was constructed with strong bricks and stones. They serve as an influential architectural design for today’s artists and architects. Likewise the powerful design of those of the classical Greek constructions which involves ornate temples, columns, and pillars which were constructed with elegance, grace, and beautiful scroll work adds to the knowledge of architectural specialization in which up to these days are an attraction to tourists. No wonder, Architectural Design is gaining popularity among the professions in today’s society.

In this era, while most modern architectural designs carry the touch of those famous traditional architectural works, it is not as elaborate, gorgeous and provocative. However, it gained popularity in institutional and corporate buildings. Perhaps architects of today consider designing buildings in accordance to their functionality giving less to its aesthetic aspect. Others might have been driven by the technological and engineering developments.

This form of undertakings though takes into consideration all the aspects of the space, durability, functionality and the aesthetic purposes and the knowledge of all engineering works is easier these days with the advent of the computer. Unlike before architect designers can alter their plans at any time depending on the preference of their clients because it is stored in the computer. This makes their job handy.

As an architect designer, you have the ability to make enormous change to the physical view of the environment. According to Colin Haylock, Town Planner, Newcastle, he says, training in architecture excited my interest in the structure, workings and appearance of towns and cities. It left me well prepared to move into a specialist role in town planning which has allowed me to play a significant role in the revitalization of one of the country's major cities. This emphasizes that individuals graduating from this course plays an important role in giving life and making progress to the city they want to introduce change. Hence it is inescapable for graduates of Architectural Design to know the trends in their field to be up with the fast changes of progress.

Architectural design study takes about 7 years to finish which is divided into 3 stages; a student has to enroll in a 2 year program followed by 3 year professional degree program and finish it with a 4 year advance program. M.A and PhD are also offered for those who want to graduate with master’s degree. Tuition fee, commencement, admission and deadline vary on the institution.

For the years to come, Architectural Design course will be among those with profitable income. It might not be that lucrative for beginners but if your name is already stable money will easily reach your hands. Who knows you might be the next famous architectural designer of tomorrow.