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Dermatology is a branch of medicine that focuses on the conditions of the skin, scalp, hair and nails. Dermatology is a very unique specialization since it combines surgery, cosmetics and of course medical aspects as well. Dermatologists are usually knowledgeable in a lot of things since the skin is affected by many factors, like nutrition, genes and the environment. Since the earlier days of medicine, doctors, or physicians as they used to call them, were very interested in everything in relation to the skin – the diseases, functions and so on. But it is only more recently that doctors actually focused on the largest organ of the body. It was only in the late 1570s that an Italian doctor named Geronimo Mercuriali wrote the very first book about dermatology which was entitled “On the diseases of the skin”. The interest in dermatology returned during the 1800s when a few doctors focused on the skin and its diseases and produced photographs and drawings that detailed the different kinds of skin diseases and the possible cures. After the renewed interest of doctors in the skin and its diseases, what we now know as dermatology has thrived ever since.

Dermatology has many branches or subspecialties. The most common of which is cosmetic dermatology, followed by dermatopathology and pediatric dermatology. Cosmetic dermatology deals mainly with the improvement and beautifying of the skin; dermatopathology on the other hand is concerned with the pathology of the skin and the accompanying diseases and infections; meanwhile, pediatric dermatology focuses on treating the diseases more commonly found in infants, children and teenagers.

There are other less common subspecialties as well like immunodermatology, Mohs surgery and the most recent subspecialty, teledermatology. Immunodermatology is mostly concerned with the skin as the first layer of protection of the body against different kinds of microorganisms. The main focus of immunodermatology is to identify the different effects of the environment on the skin and how this in turn affects the way the body functions. Mohs micrographic surgery on the other hand, which was developed in the 1930s by Dr. Frederic Mohs, focuses on treating skin cancers or more specifically, on the removal of non-melanoma cancers in areas of the body such as the face and the neck. Meanwhile, Teledermatology is a subspecialty that is very promising. Basically, its aim is to lessen the time between diagnosis and treatment by making use of technological advancements, mainly the internet. There are both pros and cons when it comes to Teledermatology but a more in depth research about this could remedy the situation and add more pros instead of cons.

Basically, dermatology is a very important specialization since skin problems and diseases are one of the most common problems that many people face every day. Dermatology has increased the quality of man’s life and this generation is certainly reaping the benefits of yesterday’s research in this medical specialty. Hopefully in the years to come, more and more skin diseases will not only be curable but also be preventable.

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