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Studies & Degrees in General and Digestive Surgery

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The surgical specialty which focuses on various abdominal organs such as the intestines, stomach, esophagus, colon, small bowel, liver, gallbladder, bile ducts and pancreas is known as the field of General Surgery. The field also includes the thyroid; aside from these organs it also covers various diseases which involve the hernias and skins. General Surgery is commonly carried out to lessen the suffering when there is no possible medication cure. It can be performed for common procedures executed in the office of the physician, like vasectomy or much complicated procedures like laparoscopic cholecystomy or the removal of the gallbladder which would require a hospital setting and a medical team.

New techniques and methods less persistent compared with the older procedures which were impossibly considered. For instance is the microsurgery which has been resorted in order to successfully reconnect the nerves and small blood vessels. Such techniques are more effective and efficient thus speeding up the healing process, lowering the rates of postoperative infections and leaving only small scars

As time past by the areas of General Surgery has dramatically advanced by means of the introduction of endoscopy in the medical field. The process of endoscopy involved the use of an instrument which visualizes the interior of a hollow organ or a body canal. The process relies on a pencil like instrument which has the capability of lighting its system and its built in video camera. The endoscope is placed via portals or tiny incisions. While viewing the entire procedure on video, the surgeon will proceed with the operations using other smaller instruments. One example of an endoscopic procedure is colonoscopy which makes use of an endoscope used to examine the colon visually, on the other hand, there is gastroscopy which uses an endoscope via the mouth to examine the inside of the stomach.

In relation to General Surgery, there is also another related field known as digestive surgery which specializes on billiary surgery, liver transplant, endocrine surgeries and obesity surgery. The professionals of this field are known as digestive surgeons, as doctors they work with other specialists like the digestive radiologists and gastroenterologists who are greatly involved in the diagnoses and treatment of various digestive illnesses or they can work with the endocrinologists, oncologists and radiotherapists.

Patients who have different digestive diseases have the need to consult expert surgeons in specific cases, perceptibly during an operation which other expert’s advice might be needed. There are also the general surgeons, and the others who concentrate in digestive surgery. Similar to gastroenterologists, they can also closely focus so that other surgeons can focus on hepato-pancreatico-biliary surgery, esophageal surgery, colorectal surgery and liver transplantation.

The management of various digestive diseases has greatly improved over time. The field has also grown into complexity as the rise of new treatment procedures, which makes it more significant for various specialists to work as a team in order to provide the most reliable and effective patient treatment in the optimization of digestive health. The collaboration of general and digestive surgeries within a coordinated group guarantees a strong fight against life threatening digestive illnesses.