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Of the many branches of Theology, Biblical Theology is the discipline which studies the Bible and the story that it unfolds which speaks of God’s revelation to humanity through history. It is also called the “History of Special Revelation” as it deals with the unfolding nature of revelation as history develops in the Bible. Biblical Theology aims to understand what the Bible says by giving meaning to the scriptures through the writings in the Bible as well. It has its focus on the Old Testament to create an understanding on how each part of the Bible leads towards the fulfilment in the life of Christ as the Messiah.

Biblical Theology is all about giving meaning to the scriptures through the other scriptures in the Bible itself. In this light, for one to discover and understand what a particular scripture tries to explain, one must know where the text points towards or back to. At that, the aim is to understand the Biblical text against its background. Meaning, it should be realized that the Bible is in itself a historical progression, and that each part of the Bible is important and significant as each is essential in understanding the Bible as a whole. The study of Biblical Theology sees the Bible as a history book, which is a book that can be understood through time. Thus, it shows how the Bible is so diverse that each part of it can be understood using its own terms.

There are parts of the Bible where when one seeks to understand the deeper and true meaning of the text, he/she must only look for certain passages in the Bible itself, only in other books, which are related to the particular text and explains it thoroughly. Biblical Theology proves that God slowly reveals himself through history, through the Biblical texts, through the interrelated scriptures that unveil his words and deeds for and to His people. How God presents and reveals Himself throughout the Bible is the focus of the study of Biblical Theology, decoding each text according to related texts as well.

Biblical Theology also includes Covenant Theology, Ritual Theology, and Literary Theology. This study aims to answer questions such as “How much does a person know about God?”, “To what extent were God’s plans revealed, such as Jesus’ becoming the Messiah?”, and “How has Israel responded to God up to this point?”

For religious degrees such as Biblical Theology, there are usually 2 career choices where one can end up choosing: the parochial path or those who become Clergymen, or the academic path, or those who become teachers in the school setting. Biblical Theology majors usually end up being members of the Clergy, either a Preacher or a Pastor, a religious/spiritual leader, at that. Others prefer to be members of the academe to teach Theology as college professors and/or lecturers, or as teachers of religion in basic education levels. Some are called Biblical Theologians or those who research about topics related to the study of Biblical Theology.