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In humanities today, the modern approach to people is to highlight the array of Scripture at its unity’s cost or as a whole; thus adapt the area of study in Systematic Theology. Systematic theology is an area of study tailored to enhance and expand the education taught in liberal arts and humanities. If you are into Bible and religious teachings, you can have a degree in Systematic theology and enjoy the learning of the Bible or theological topic one by one.

Systematic Theology is a teaching of the Christian theology which tries to put together a well ordered, rational, and logical description of the beliefs and faith of people in Christianity. Built-in to a theological thought system, is that a particular and certain kind of way is developed and formulated; this can be applied on both in general and specific theories. It relies on the principles of the Christianity’s sacred texts as well as the development and formulation of the doctrine about the course of philosophy, history, ethics, and science to be able to produce a complete and versatile possible philosophical approach to people.

Systematic Theology combines the historical, biblical, and occasionally the philosophical theology to the methodology itself. Its main objective is to produce a very clear description and explanation of the thorough understanding of teachings of the Bible about a certain and particular doctrine. Moreover, it does not look only to the individual biblical doctrines of Christianity’s faith but also stays mindful of the cause and effect relationship and connection of each biblical doctrine.

There are some general areas in the study of Systematic Theology. These are:

  • Prolegomena – is the study of the methods as well as theories prior to Systematic Theology and sometimes includes the study of God’s revelation of himself.
  • Bibliology – means the study of Bible.
  • Theology Proper – is the study of God’s doctrine.
  • Christology – means the study and learning of Jesus itself.
  • Pneumatology – is the study and understanding of Holy Spirit.
  • Anthropology – is the teaching of humanity.
  • Soteriology – is the general study of our Salvation.
  • Ecclesiology – means the study of our Church.
  • Eschatology – is the teachings on end time.
  • Angelology – is the study and understanding of angels or angelic beings.

The Systematic Theology is a very important device in assisting us to better understand as well as teach the doctrines in the Bible in a very well organized manner of overview that will forever remains truthfully faithful to many biblical witnesses. However, no matter what the method of the theology is learned and studied, what is really important is that the theology itself is really learned and studied by people.

Students and graduates of Systematic Theology can have the opportunity to study and learn the Bible’s particular doctrines and other religious teachings as well as impart that knowledge to other Christians to be able to enhance their faith by teaching them the same principles they have learned.

Job positions for Systematic Theology:

Chaplain or Minister in Hospice-Home CareSystematic Theology Professor or Lecturer

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