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A course in Anglo-American studies deals with the study of American culture pertaining to language studies in relation with film, media, art, literature, economy, culture and history. These days, anglo-american studies have gained a lot of recognition, since a degree from a US university is of great value around the world.  Most people think Anglo-American study is the learning of American civilization- which is more associated with US people and culture. The credit of starting Anglo-American studies goes to Vernon Louis Parrington.

There are various approaches to this type of study. Myth and symbol is one of them- that claims to obtain particular inveterate themes in US texts attempting to enlighten an exclusive American tradition.  Over the decades, the link between Anglo-American studies and other studies like pre-colonial studies, cultural studies, gender studies, and ethnic studies has been effective. These days, this type of study relates more to Americanization and globalization. It is basically an interdisciplinary course to learn American history and understand different causal factors, disciplines and elements and to test the multiplicity of institutions, ideologies, beliefs, ideas, and cultures that exist in America.

This type of study course examines many perceptions, expressions and developments of various subcultures and national culture, along with borderland cultures. By grouping American study courses with core seminars, foundational lecture courses and programs from related disciplines- candidates discover various factors of the American experience internationally, nationally and locally. All students pursuing a course or a degree in Anglo-American studies are required to spend some time understanding American political communities, built environments and material cultures

Course Requirements

Candidates looking to pursue a course in Anglo-American studies are expected to be of a literary temperament, with a keen interest in studying cultures and their development. They must either have extensive knowledge about the American culture or a curiosity about the same. This course is usually offered at the Master’s level to students of Language, History, Sociology or Anthropology.  Since courses in Anglo-American studies are usually only offered at accredited colleges and universities, students would be required to fulfill the admission requirements of the specific institution. 

Career options:

Career opportunities for individuals majoring in Anglo-American studies differ greatly, and success in career would depend upon the goals and interest of the candidate. Candidates holding a degree in Anglo-American studies can make a career in a broad range of areas, including non profit sector, government sector, education sector, and business. Several graduates prefer to work in the media industry, as editors for radio, television, magazines, and newspapers. Graduates of this course can also study further to become teachers and academicians or even go on to become researchers and authors.