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Studies & Degrees in Art Studies

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Art Studies is a branch of Humanities that deals with the history of art, as well as the theories regarding it and the basic concepts of the different techniques and styles of art employed by man.

This would be different from the study of Fine Arts since Art Studies is more concerned with the work of art itself and what it entails rather than the creation of art itself. Students majoring in this field would be required to observe different types of art, be it visual, auditory or both, studying these with regards to the long history of art-making.

Those majoring in Art Studies would also need to be familiar with art theories and the concepts surrounding them. One specialization of this particular field would be Art History, which is concerned with the particular methods men used in the past in creating art and their own architecture. Taking this course would allow the student to be able to understand better the evolution of art as they know it and also appreciate historical architecture and art in a different way than before.

On the other hand, time and history are not the only factors that affect the changing of art techniques. Art students are also given the chance to observe and study different art styles from countries all over the world. This would include everything from cave paintings of pre-historic man to aboriginal art to the Japanese anime style.

Appreciation is a key word in Art Studies, and those pursuing this course would also need to take subjects on the foundations of the visual form, which has to do with perspective, the different media that can be used in making art as well as color theories, which are, in fact, also required for Fine Arts students. This would enable art students to be able to analyze a work of art critically by being aware of the basics of art.

Some colleges also include graphic designs and the semiotics of images in the curriculum of Art Studies. Students of this particular discipline would specialize in web page designs or advertising concepts, studying these so that it would be easy to know what designs and ad campaigns would work best and enabling art students to give constructive criticism regarding publicity materials and web site designs. This specialization would be perfect for those who are interested in working for web site developers or advertising agencies.

On the other hand, those students who choose to specialize in Art History or Art Theory may find work as curators of art galleries and museums. Aside from this, there is always a great demand for art critics to write for magazines and educational folios. Of course, some of those studying art opt to remain in their colleges or universities to work as lecturers and professors to new generations of art students.