Studies & Degrees in European Studies

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The study commonly falls into two categories, the first one and the most typical is the linguistics and culture. The second would fall into consular and diplomatic relations. The study of E.U. languages and culture cover generalized concepts of specific cultures of the countries in Europe. Most colleges usually offer this particular course based on its specification where one can take his or her major in French, German, Spanish, English and all the others with its own specialization. The course commonly goes deeper into its specific country involving its culture and national status. Posthumously, its history, economy, government type and finally, its culture and how it affects external countries and borders.

The upside of this course is that you would never be found wanting of a job because perspective embassies would always be there. Translating government documents and letters may fill up most of the working time. However if one works hard enough, you may always be chosen to accompany officials in diplomatic missions and delegations. Where one may get the opportunity to shake hands with the; who’s, who in the international affairs circle. Speaking of circles, there’s always the U.N. whose doors are always open for persons with such skills.

But if public service is not your style, the private sector would always welcome a person with such skills. The most common for a person armed with an E.S. degree would be to work in a call center, where one would be eventually placed in the perspective department regarding one’s country of major. Still, some might consider the job to be quite dull. Since one would be placed in either two departments, sales and costumer support. In Sales one would be responsible for making outgoing calls offering various products or services, depending on the company to various clients. For costumer support, one would be placed in receiving calls from clients, where one would be obligated to answer various questions and help out clients regarding their pleas about specific matters that the company provides.

If one does not feel serving such a vocation there are also other outfits in the private sector where one can be employed. One may always work as freelance consultant to export based companies about the country in where they plan to land their products. One may also work as a translator to various media outfits. There are some public relations websites where one may get the opportunity to be sent abroad to research about certain subjects.

There are also other media outfits that are in need of “dubbers” for foreign shows. Basically, what one does is to translate the dialogue and helps out the firm in recording the voice-over for the show. Still, if one thinks that he or she has an entrepreneurial spirit why not set up your own language school? But let’s leave the specifics out for that one. But still, if one does not feel up to the hustle and bustle of the outside world, we’re more than sure that your Alma mater would let you stay in as an instructor.