Studies & Degrees in History of the 20th Century

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The degree of History of the 20th Century is one of the many contemporary and interesting programs for modern students. Exploring the timeline of the 20th century, from the 1900s to the 1990s will involve an immense research, inquiry, verification, and students will certainly encounter more learning opportunities that will reveal the most fascinating and challenging time periods in all of world history.

As students get prepared and engaged in comprehensive study of the History of the 20th Century they will become eyewitnesses as they see through what humanity has achieved in the last 100 years. Students will find it necessary to study the following highlights of 20th century:

  • The collapse of then influential powers, the Russian empire, the Ottoman empire, German Empire, Austro-Hungarian empire and the rise of British empire;
  • The Great Depression caused massive catastrophes to the world economy;
  • The internal breakdown of the Soviet Union that results to the emergence of the United States as a world power
  • The identification of the effects of all the wars that have been fought;
  • On how Asian countries like China, Japan, India, and South Korea struggle to become major players in these modern times;
  • The increased power and influence of the European Union continued to go strong;
  • The results and impact of the technological revolution in the way people of the world live due to endless scientific discoveries and inventions like the supertankers, airliners, radio, television, computers, macrocomputers, mobile phones, and the Internet;
  • The impact of the announcement of the global population of 6.1 billion and its continuous growth in the years ahead; and

  • The dramatic changes in world views advocated by many scientists, philosophers, and political leaders.

The program provides a great opportunity to every student to delve into the tiny bits of relevant information of the recent past with determined and reflective attitude using interdisciplinary methodologies. Mentors and professors will cultivate students’ appreciation in history studies and teach them the socio-economic importance of all facets of the curriculum.

With the revolutionized educational system implement by many remarkable universities and colleges that offer the degree History of the 20th Century, students will have access to innovative research techniques and primary sources and materials that will equip them in pursuing more advanced studies, say for instance an MA program or PhD program.

Moreover, the historical methods and approaches used in studying the program are based on specific mainstreams—British, European, American, and Asian history of the twentieth century. Students existing knowledge about twentieth century history will be integrated with new insights. To complete the course, students will be asked to conduct their own researches and produce results that will benefit world culture and history.

Students after taking the course will have qualifications and excellent background that will help them acquire careers in public service, current affairs, mass media, information technology, and more liberal and humanities professions.

The 20th century as it reached its end still manages to make its influence linger and this is indeed a good area of study.