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Level: Undergraduate Bachelors     Location: Segovia
Level: Doctorate     Location: Barcelona

Economic law deals with the main legal issues that are normally arising from the economic activities. Currently, economic law is most commonly referred to as international economic law, and is involved with the legal requirements that come with the globalization of the world economy.

Pursuing the discipline of international economic law, you would gain thorough knowledge of the legal trade agreements and treaties that support the cross-national commercial transactions. You would also study the legal aspects of the different forms of international business, including joint ventures and financial projects. And finally, you would gain a perception of the changing roles of international economic institutions such as the EU, the North American free Trade Agreement, and so on.

Personal Qualities

This is a subject that requires a great deal of open-mindedness and an internationally-oriented nature. Further qualities include:

  • Good knowledge of economics and economic principles
  • Excellent analytical skills
  • Great communication skills
  • Very good memory

Study Options

Both economics and law are highly challenging disciplines, and in this case they are blended together to form a subject that requires a lot of thought and hard work. Most commonly, universities offer this degree at the postgraduate level, while admission of candidates would be very selective.

If you consider to pursue this subject area, pay close attention to your academic record in your economics and law-related subjects. Other disciplines you may wish to stress on are history, geography, and psychology. The subject of economic law is also highly suitable for law students, who wish to gain a broader perspective of the economic world, and specialize in the field of economics.

Career Options

Career prospects for students with a postgraduate degree in economic or international economic law are more than excellent. Such a degree would be ideal to support a wide range of future career goals you might have, including corporate law, contract law, or tort law. You would have the opportunity to work both in the private sector – either in specialized law firms or in the legal department of large corporations; and in government agencies that may need to interfere in the dealings between companies.