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Professionals are not simply self-made: they are trained, taught, and educated. With this being said, schools, universities, and learning centres are needed to create professionals who will become proficient in particular field of study, say for instance Business English.

The course and program called Business English is highly essential to people in various business industries. To communicate in English well and to express oneself using the English language is fundamental if you are engaged in a particular business or if you are connected in the corporate world that mainly uses English as the primary medium.

In the industry, marketing of a specific product or service is done using the English language. Products are introduced and launched to the public using English advertisements and advertisers talk about a specific product in English. It is not surprising that, most of the communication processes and promotional activities that take place are done in English—and entrepreneurs, marketers, and other professionals connected in various businesses know about this well-recognized fact.

Business English programs and courses are widespread. The need to improve and maintain quality standards across the business industry is synonymous to the need to take Business English courses and programs. The bottom line will not simply about creating professionals but to provide professionals the support, training, learning, and experiences they need in order to further their career as entrepreneurs, managers, advertisers, teachers, and professionals.

Business English is also about development of language skills that would be necessary in executing realistic communicative activities. Such realistic communicative activities would be appropriate and helpful to every Business English student because the course will serve as an immersion program for them to discuss different business topics like marketing strategies and an in-depth understanding and knowledge of entrepreneurship.

Most universities and schools include in their curriculum a broader scope of Business English studies. Topics and theories on economic concepts and vocabularies, including global economy, tourism, hospitality, information technology, and film and television are discussed which make Business English a holistic body of knowledge.

Business English course also deals with interesting and relevant topics namely international trade, investing, stock and bond markets, and import and export among others. Program policies, business cultures, business etiquettes, communication strategies, writing reports and pertinent documents, business-related issues, delivery of speeches and presentations and enhancement grammar skills subjects are outlined in a specific Business English course that will meet the growing needs of every Business English student.

The power of speaking and communicating in English is often highlighted in Business English programs because business transactions are mainly executed through English oral communication. As a Business English student, you are expected to not just express yourself well in English but to be able to reap results and eventually gain profit out of it or as you employ English.

Finally, Business English also contend with Legal English which pertains to the legal language, business international law, law enforcement terms in English, and other practical language skills needed in introducing and understanding key business concepts and subject matters essential in the modern business world.

Job positions for Business English:

ESL Teacher

There are a plethora of job opportunities waiting for ESL Teachers. However, highly-qualified ESL Teachers are what companies, schools, universities, government agencies, and learning centres are looking for. Companies, universities, and employers make sure that they have set the right standards that will serve as requirements in hiring ESL Teachers. But still, the demand for ESL Teachers is high and applicants are willing to meet such requirements.

What do ESL Teachers do and teach? Basically, ESL Teachers teach English to students who speak other languages as their first language or native tongue. As ESL Teachers, they help ESL students to speak, read, listen, and write in English.

To become more effective ESL Teachers, it is essential that ESL Teachers use real-life situations that will advance their students’ learning process. However, if an ESL Teacher is dealing with an advanced ESL student, he or she is expected to concentrate on writing and conversational skills more or work on academic and job-related communication skills that the student may need in building a future career.

What career awaits ESL Teachers? To reiterate what has been mentioned, there are a lot of teaching positions available for people who have a degree related in English studies and teaching. However, most ESL Teachers are hired to work for either English-speaking nation or Non-English speaking nation that puts English a top priority when it comes to communicating. ESL Teachers are also employed to help immigrants or to teach English to interested students located in foreign countries.

The good thing about eventually becoming an ESL Teacher is you can still apply for a position even if you don’t have official training at all. However, you have to compensate your qualifications by obtaining certificates and a diploma in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). As a piece of advice, if you will choose to take TEFL courses or programs, it is essential that you acquire the diploma in a credible school. In fact, you can enrol yourself in one of the student teaching opportunity programs or in any ESL classes prior to your formal teaching job.

ESL Teachers are needed in these times because they are the ones who can help people achieve the mastery of English needed in obtaining higher set of goals which include career growth and better job position in their chosen industry. If you do your job as an ESL Teacher and succeed in imparting the knowledge and skills that your students need to acquire excellent English instruction, your career will quickly turn into a high-paying position.

As an ESL Teacher or Instructor you have to become familiar with various classroom settings which pertain to college setting, high school setting, tutoring setting, and even training setting. This way, you can easily teach your students the entire English program in store for them.

The program that you will be dealing with may include discussion of topics which are about educational methodologies, English grammar, linguistic standards, and English literature among others. Finally, as an ESL Teacher you can consider other teaching positions like Primary School ESL Teacher, Adult ESL Teacher, ESL Private Tutor, English Trainer, and the likes as a starting point of your career.

Business English Teacher

The growing demand for Business English teachers is anticipated as more companies, learning centres, universities, and agencies seek for highly-proficient professionals. The perfect qualifications for Business English teachers are set and they include the following:

  • A degree in related studies such as Business Studies, Economics, Accountancy, and Business Education among others

  • Credentials and certificates on English teaching qualification examinations

  • Masters with a specialization in Business English, Business English teaching, testing and course designing, etc.

  • A degree that is related to the company where you will teach like science degree, engineering degree, foreign language degree, and other related fields

  • Certificate of trainings, workshops, conferences, and seminars that are relevant in teaching Business English

  • Work experiences related in teaching top level managers, intensive and extensive English courses, designing and writing English teaching materials, teaching experiences in mixed levels and mixed nationalities, etc.

  • Business experience is also relevant but not required when you are applying for a Business English teaching position

  • Work experiences such as writing, proofreading, and editing of business documents can serve as pertinent qualifications

  • Knowledge in relevant technology, emailing, presentation-making, video conferencing, and others are useful credentials as well.

As a Business English Teacher, whether you are non-native or native speaker, you are expected to have a general English background. More so, English Language Teaching (ELT) certifications would mean a lot from the people of the business world and so, aspirants of a Business English position should not simply have knowledge and practical skills of Business English but effective teaching skills as well.

During the teaching process, Business English Teachers are needed to develop students who will have a clear-cut understanding of the basic and key concepts in using the English language and in doing business at the same time. As a Business English Teacher, you need to become familiar with the methodologies that are considered to be the most effective executions in a business environment.

The curriculum that Business English Teachers need to teach includes the following topics:

  • Methodologies and approaches for learning Business English studies

  • The terms, languages, concepts of the business industry

  • The differentiation of teaching General English from Business English

  • The development and usage of specific and suitable teaching materials

  • The core communication skills which are used during meetings, negotiations, telephoning, presentations, and more

  • The writing techniques in the business environment for documentation, writing reports, memos, and analysis

  • The business ethics needed by professionals who work in a business environment

  • Proper attitude toward working with other students

Apart from the mention qualifications of a Business English Teacher and topics included in the curriculum for Business English courses, Business English Teachers need to possess good qualities that are oftentimes overlooked. To become an effective Business English Teacher you have to be patient, comfortable to be with, critical, good-tempered, fair-minded, assertive, reliable, and good decision maker.

Thus, a Business English Teacher who has a full grasp of what he or she is expected to be and is able to teach with the right attitude and qualities, then, that Business English Teacher will produce highly-taught Business English students and professionals.