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Manufacturers nowadays need modern machineries, plants, relevant technologies and the people to run them. The manufacturing Industry also needs managers, specifically Industrial managers. These managers will oversee and make sure that the production process runs smoothly.

The Industrial Manager is responsible for the setting up of the company’s production schedule and also makes sure that it is followed. In developing the schedule, the manager must think about the budget and resources available as well as the deadline. An Industrial Manager can also be assigned to a specific task. These tasks may include the purchase of raw materials, inventory or quality control, and maintenance of factory equipment.

The duties of an Industrial Manager vary depending on the industry which the business belongs to and its size. In a small company, one will most likely be in charge and responsible for the whole production process and its operations. If one works for a multinational company, the manager would likely be assigned to a particular area of production. One could be assigned to look for good raw materials and get them at the lowest possible price or make sure the company gets them on time.

The Industrial Management and Organization course is the study and application of methods that will improve the efficiency of a business organization in areas like production, human resources and marketing. The course will provide the students the theoretical knowledge and the practical means needed in the field of industrial management and organization. The student will learn about the major business trends, the existence of different kinds markets and how a company deals with them. The study will introduce the students to the tools used costing and pricing, distribution, and marketing as well as operations management. Resource allocation is one of the most important tasks of an Industrial Manager. That is why the student will get to know the tools used in budgeting, cost management, financial accounting and investment analysis. The company’s capital must wisely be used. For this reason the study will introduced the students to the financial markets and will also learn how a company’s cash flow is affected by several factors.

Successful graduates will be able to apply what they learn in the areas of business management and customer satisfaction. One will learn about human resources management, how to empower and motivate employees. As an Industrial Manager one must be knowledgeable in marketing particularly, building relations with customers and stockholders. Money is the life blood of all business enterprises. One will learn how to manage the company’s financial resources by knowing the financing and investing opportunities available to the company. Information is power. An Industrial Manager must take into account both the financial and non-financial information in order to make a sound decision.

Industrial Management and Organization graduates are always in demand both in the government and private sectors. Factories or businesses engaged in the manufacture of goods offer the best job opportunities to Industrial Managers. As the production process continues to be upgraded and becomes more sophisticated, Industrial Managers will always be needed.