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Today everything is IT (Information technology) enabled. It is a very dynamic industry. Managing IT resources and understanding its technology and systems is the key to every organization. Many universities around the world offer courses that aim to arm students with the skill and knowledge in various areas of IT and computer based systems. This is Information Technology Systems (ITS). The study gives students wide career options to choose from.  

The degree offers a complete understanding of IT- right from non technical areas like nature of information and IT needs of an organization, to the software and hardware and multimedia technologies to satisfy these needs, along with developing and managing the skills needed to create computer based systems. Students pursuing a study in ITS should have the ability and aptitude to for creative thinking and effective application of theoretical knowledge. The course offers an understanding of the methods, tools and techniques used in the implementation and management of information products and systems. All students are expected to acquire attitudes such as- being a team player, flexibility and enthusiasm to take up initiatives, innovative and solution driven thinking, professionalism and professional ethics.

Academic Expectations: Students are expected to adhere to the prescribed study hours for learning and activities like attending lectures, group study, assignments etc. Normally students are assessed based on their assignments & examination.

Career Options: Various career opportunities are available for an ITS graduate, within the country as well as overseas. Well trained and skilled IT personnel are always in demand. Jobs in ITS are available in diverse fields like telecommunications, internet, computer hardware and software, networking and multimedia. Such jobs are available in banking, IT industry, pharmaceutical, government, and education and health sectors. Some roles that one can get into are System analyst, business analyst, and multimedia developer and Database administrator.

Course duration: A bachelor’s course is normally 3 yrs full time or 6 yrs part time course. A masters degree in ITS is a one year full-time course, which may also be undertaken in a 2 yrs part time program.

Outcome of Course: The course helps in understanding the importance of information systems thoroughly to achieve organizational goals. One acquires the knowledge of IT procedures and techniques utilized to generate information.  Students gain an in-depth knowledge of the characteristics and capabilities of hardware, which includes operating systems, storage units and more. Students will also learn about security features, various encryptions, restricted access, and controlling information using various identification and authentication methods, along with backup methods and password procedures to ensure complete security of data. 
Course Details:
A bachelors course in ITS normally covers principle fundamentals of information systems and disciple as:
  • Computer programming
  • Data management
  • Computers and networks
  • Systems development
  • Project management
  • System analysis and design
  • Information security
In the first year- students normally study the core concept of information technology and build the foundation for advanced courses in the second year.

A degree in ITS will surely give immense career satisfaction and endless opportunities. It provides graduates with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed, enables students to gain the professional experience to work in a range of business environments.

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