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Level: Graduate     Location: Barcelona

The Global Executive MBA course, relatively, a new program just launched in recent years, was designed exclusively for highly experienced professionals or more commonly known as executives. Those attending this program are normally sponsored by their respective employers and more or less belonging to the upper management level. Usual enrollees for this course are CFOs, COOs, vice president, and even the top honchos themselves, the CEOs. The Global Executive MBA was patterned after the regular Executive MBA program except that the program would tackle more on business cross-border issues and would usually be in consortium with three or more universities across the globe.

In a regular Executive MBA program, a class would be comprised of a group of executives. They would begin the program and graduate together as a group. More or less, this was designed so as to expose them to other fields which would be represented by their classmates’ respective fields. In a way, all of the members would have some sort of feel of the corporate culture of their other classmates and would learn from their knowledge aside from the subjects that will be taught to them. A Global Executive MBA program setting would be pretty much the same, same classmates all throughout the program except that subjects are geared towards how businesses are done offshore and that some classes are conducted abroad. This type of setting would give enrollees a feel of the business climate in foreign shores giving them a feel on how to better run businesses abroad.

Locations of class would depend on what school an executive would enroll to. Some programs boast of a consortium of five schools that would host classes in four continents and some programs are a joint effort of three universities in four different countries. But wherever executives decide to enroll, pretty much, they will get total exposure to different countries and different business battle grounds. Of course, it follows some side pleasure trips are included.

Some of the popular schools that give a Global Executive MBA course are Columbia/London Business School, Kellogg/Hongkong UST Business School, Trium (HEC Paris, London School of Economics, NYU Stern), Wharton and IE Business School of Spain who were ranked by the Financial Times as the Top Five respectively that offers Global Executive MBA programs.

Fees for this course may be a tad expensive than your usual Executive MBA course but as they say, it would be one of the best investments in an executive's career. According to a survey, 64% of alumni have now a six-figure salary and 64% have an additional 20% increase in salary and 55% got additional international responsibilities.

On top of that, the class is a good way to increase one's business network which may come handy in the future. Also, being lucky enough to be sponsored by their respective company, it is also an indicator that these executives really have a place in their respective companies.

Because of the dynamism Global Executive MBA alumni give to their respective employers, companies like Accenture, American Express, Citigroup, GE, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, IBM, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase & Co are just among the list of big name companies that support the development of the global executive program.

Job positions for Global Executive MBA:

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)Head of International Operations

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