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Studies & Degrees in Faculty Development

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Faculty Development is relevant in the field of education, and involves a diverse range of educational activities that institutions provide to enhance professional career growth. People involved in faculty development not simply assists faculty with acquiring new teaching skills, but also in developing a deeper understanding of the pedagogy behind their teaching practice. Activities that faculty development specialists can organize include professional orientation for new faculty members, instructional development, leadership development, organizational development, individual development, continuing education, and in-service education. The purpose of these programs is to improve professional skills, to increase teaching effectiveness, and to expand the knowledge of teaching methodologies and strategies.

Personal Qualities

To be involved in faculty development, you need to have a very stable background in education. Many years of experience and practice in this field are definitely required. Other personal qualities include:

  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Very good communication qualities
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Creativity
  • Good at working both individually and as a part of a team

Study Options

Faculty Development programs are not widely available options, but can be offered by some institutions in the form of postgraduate courses or professional programs. These programs usually have the requirement that you hold a university degree, that you are currently teaching at an institution of higher education, and that you have at least a couple of years of such experience.

Career Options

Usually, having completed such a program, you would be suited to work at an institution of higher learning. You should prepare to secure your place and make some contacts before you start this program.