Studies & Degrees in Education Management

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Education management courses aim at enhancing the knowledge and skills necessary for leading educational organizations. Education managers or administrators serve mostly as principles, deans or superintendants of educational institutions. However, professionals in the field are also found to be serving other managerial positions. As the education industry grows worldwide, the demand for trained education managers or administrators is going in increase with every passing day. Running an educational institution needs not only academicians but experts in management and business issues as well. Handling financial matters, recruitment issues and organizational aspects become the prerogative of these education administrators. 

Courses on Education Management

In general, universities and B-schools award graduate or post graduate diploma or degree in education management. Those who have a Bachelors degree from a recognized university are considered eligible. Having prior experience of being engaged with educational institutions gives added advantage to candidates. Studies of masters degree programs includes fundamental studies about management, management practices involved in educational field, school finance, organization of education institutions etc. Learning computer applications and their usability in education management is also given importance.

As Masters Degree holders in education management, the students will develop the following skills and abilities:
  • Analyze and understand theoretical and practical aspects of management
  • Recognize problems related to management of educational institutions
  • Improved organizational communication
Majors in education management would be trained in such a way that they nurture and develop a vision for education in future including how educational institutions should perform in order to do in the best possible way what they are supposed to. Communicating and sharing views with other administrators and prospective managers along with hands on training on the matters will widen their knowledge and perspective.

Career Possibilities

Masters in education management will find employment in public as well as private schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutions and vocational schools as education administrators, academic deans, superintendants or principals. However, the job prospects are not related to the academic world only. Government agencies and departments are also on the constant lookout for experts in the field as advisors. They are needed for policy formulation and implementation. Hence the demand for non-academic education administrators is also high.

Education administrators are also employed in large numbers as education counselors. Their job is to guide students towards careers that are best suited for them. As education managers have wide based knowledge about career prospects of different fields of study, they may easily ascertain the skills and talents of students and guide them in the right direction. This factor is quite essential since in the present education system, students have a variety of options in terms of their subjects of study.

Salaries for education managers vary widely. It depends mainly on the position as well as educational qualification of the administrator. The job of an education administrator is also honored and hailed by all because of the nature of the work they have to do. Their status is somewhat at par with the academicians.