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Management control includes organizational planning i.e. the procedures and steps adopted by the management of an organization to make sure that its goals are achieved on time. Although control is said to be a part of management as a whole, management control system includes all the processes of planning, organizing, and directing along with controlling activities. It aims at effectively and efficiently allocating all resources available to an organization to achieve predetermined targets and goals.

The various functions of management control can be pointed out as:
  • Planning various activities of an organization
  • Coordinating the performance of these activities by different departments of the organization
  • Communicating the developments to different hierarchical levels of the structure
  • Evaluating preliminary responses
  • Deciding further course of action based on preliminary responses
  • Influencing and modulating behaviors of people involved for desired results.
The personnel involved in management control system are responsible for the smooth functioning of the whole process. They have to coordinate, organize and make necessary arrangements for the whole process to run without any hitch.

Courses on Management Control

Graduate students in Business Administration or in Economics are eligible to apply for Masters Degree courses in Management Control. Different universities, however, set different credit point requirements. The course continues, in most cases, for two years and is full time in nature. A broad outlook of the course structure in general would reveal that they include theories of management control along with a historical background, and perspectives on management control. Understanding the strategies and behaviors found in an organizational environment is crucial for students.

Financial studies are also important parts as the person who is in charge of management control has to design the goal achieving process in accordance to the budget fixed. Detailed knowledge and analysis of the organization’s financial condition, therefore, is a priority. Another important module in the course would be on the different management control systems which operate in different business organizations. For example, the one in a multinational corporation is bound to be different from that operating in service based localized enterprises. The courses will typically aim at developing the knowledge base and the skills of prospective managers to influence the behavior of other members of the organization so that strategies could work out properly.

Certain Masters Degree and post graduate Diploma courses in universities and vocational schools offer study of information science along with management control for producing students with added knowhow of the computerized world of management.

Career Prospects

The organizational structure is getting more and more complex every day. New departments are coming up and with business spreading out in the globalized world, coordination and centralized control of the whole managerial system is becoming a basic necessity for these organizations. And who else can do this job other than the trained professionals. A technical and professional degree with practical experience will easily get you a job at the managerial position in any of the organizations functioning in today’s market. These may be public or private, domestic or international. The salary packages are attractive and job satisfaction is guaranteed.