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Heading an organization be it a business organization, a union, or a government is not as easy as it looks. Being a head of an organization is not just about issuing orders and waiting for your plans and visions to come to fruition but it is about making sure your subordinates are one with your goals and respecting your authority at all times.

Once in a while, a natural born leader like Napoleon Bonaparte, Nelson Mandela, Jack Welch and other famous political and business figures comes to rally a race, a cause or take their business enterprises to new heights, and now they’re regarded as great leaders of their time. However, there isn’t always that a great leader comes along. It’s a good thing that there are academic programs that can actually train people to lead organizations where they can develop their leadership skills to the fullest. Once enrolled, students of administration sciences would be taught the ABCs of management like how to plan, organize, direct and control an organization more effectively.

By planning, it refers to the visions and objectives of what the head of an organization wants to do in the near term, middle term and long term. This is the very most important of all because if done wrong, the succeeding phases to realize the plans would surely go wrong as well. Organizing would refer how the organization will be structured and how the delegation of tasks will be done. When people know how they are supposed to function, then the organization would function smoothly like a well-oiled machine. In the directing phase of administering an organization, the heads or managers or even section heads must have a complete drawing of lines on authority. When orders or memos are issued, it is imperative that these orders or new policies are immediately disseminated to everyone involved and implemented the soonest time possible, if not, insolence and intrigues will hover over and it will just result to counter-productivity. The last important rudimentary concept any student of administration sciences should have a good grasp of is the concept of control. Learning the art of control is essential in becoming a good administrator as when applied efficiently, everything becomes predictable. Like for example, to avoid tardiness among the employees, a little reward and punishment is usually employed by business organizations. If an employee got late for 7 times in a month, an admonition is usually meted out. Then if it happens again for the next month, a suspension will finally be given or worse, in other business establishments, it is the pink slip they face right away. In this case, employees’ tardiness is controlled in a manner where it is up to the employees to prove how serious they are in being a productive member of an organization.

Students of any administrative sciences, be it a Business Administration, Public Administration or Hotel and Restaurant Administration course, will be subjected to a lot of accounting and financial concepts, micro and macro economics and as well as how to communicate more effectively. In any kind of organization from government to corporations and even non-profit organizations, all have to deal with its financial soundness. By getting knowledgeable in these aspects, making sound decisions would just become second nature.