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Studies & Degrees in Industrial Administration

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Industrial Administration is a multidisciplinary study composed of different areas of specialties namely: Information Engineering, Production Engineering, System Engineering, Management Mathematics, Management Engineering and Production Engineering. Students taking the program are taught to provide relevant responses and course of actions—whenever the demands arise for it— toward mastering the latest information-processing technologies. These technologies include networking, computing, artificial intelligence, and Internet languages among others. As their skills (creative and mathematical skills) get honed and cultivated they will easily cope with opportunities and challenges that will allow them to acquire strategies that will come in handy whenever they are dealing with large-scale systems, energy and environmental tests.

The most up-to-date optimization skills under the program allow students to fully develop their top-level corporate managing skills as they get access in education that is information electronically-inclined. Real life tasks that the students will encounter after completing the degree are very compelling compared to the tasks given to them during the course. However, with the intense simulations and hands-on learning experiences required from them to finish the course, they are able to build a training ground for themselves that will enable them to take responsibilities in any Industrial Administration positions they will earn.

Once the students completed the course, expectations are set for them. But, with the stringent process of education they have acquired, they will be equipped with the skills and abilities that will assist them in performing various functions in the corporate world. Some of the responsibilities that will be entrusted to them as future professionals include:

- Preparing financial statements in conforming the accepted accounting principles;

- Evaluation of results to achieve reputable analyses;

- Using theories, strategies, and principles that useful and relevant in making decisions;

- Application of economic theories needed in analyzing various problems like social, financial, political, economical, and business complexities; and

- Use of programs and computer software to prepare important documents (word processing, spreadsheets, database software) and utilization of the Internet powerhouses.

The quality of education provided to students under the program gives them the qualifications and requirements demanded by the market. As employers become more and more selective in choosing the best candidates for a specific position, new graduates are expected to be willing to provide services based on their educational background, inherent capabilities, and acquired skills. Industrial Administration is a degree that has gained respect and recognition from the industry and academic institutions since its graduates are given excellent education in terms of business management and industrial management.

It is the students’ responsibility to never stop improving and exerting more efforts in keeping themselves informed about the current global developments in industrial administration. Their participation and roles in any leading business corporations are huge. Hence, they should practice to take quality measures to achieve not just intellectual contributions but to excel and spark a change in their chosen area of specialization.

With the assistance of remarkable and capable educators, students of the program will never fail to commit themselves in supporting top managements and their employers.