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Studies & Degrees in Fashion and Design Management

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Fashion and Design Management Study Programs

Glamorous catwalks, famous models, and sophisticated albeit expensive clothes come to mind whenever talking about Fashion Designing. However, there is to Fashion Design more than just drawing clothes design, sewing stitches on fabric, and strutting your style on a catwalk in Paris. As a matter of fact, this major offers some concentrations including Costume Design, Fashion Marketing, Fashion Merchandising, Fashion Manufacturing, and Fashion Education. These concentrations add to the enjoyment and limitless possibilities for students who want to take this major.

Fashion can actually be traced back to the 19th century when most designers made clothes that were worn in royal courts. The first fashion house was set up in Paris by Charles Frederick Worth whose designs were labeled the “House of Worth” and influenced many people. As a result, many great designers are associated with a particular brand and vice versa. As the century passed, many influential designers like Paul Poi Ret, Patou, Vionnet, Fortuny, Lanvin, and Chanel emerged. It was small wonder then that by the 20th century, Paris became the center of fashion with the US and Britain openly copying the designs of the French. After the World War era, however, many designers from other countries emerged. The British fashion focused mainly on the young consumers while American designers like Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren focused on sportswear and made it a style statement.

Today’s fashion is divided into two: the haute couture which is designed for an individual customer and is based on themes and creating style statement; and the ready-to-wear collection which is meant for the masses. It is up to the student to choose which category he wants to focus in.

Students who take this major are required to study everything about fashion—from illustration to construction of the clothing. They also need to learn about the underlying philosophy of the development of fashion, fashion merchandising, and other business aspects of fashion. In fact, many students who take this major often combine business subjects to better understand the marketing side of the industry they want to belong. Students can take courses that focus on designing clothing, accessories, and shoes as well as designing for specific ages and gender. These courses will help students have a strong sense of color, texture, and detail. They will also be trained to be excellent sewers, patternmakers, and tailors as well as proficient communicators so as to convey their creative ideas effectively either in writing, visual, or verbal. It is most likely that students will cover technical topics such as strategy, inventory control, profitability, and cost analysis.

Creating innovative, creative, and stylish clothing and accessories while making a profit at the same time are the main goals of a fashion designer which is why it is important that designers are updated with the latest trends. Aside from the activities and knowledge students get, careers for graduates are also abundant—from fashion designing itself to managing fashion houses, working at the retail level, and fashion journalism. The competition may be fierce but for someone whose passion and dedication for fashion is strong, success in the field can be highly rewarding.

Students taking Fashion, Experience and Design Management are able to polish and develop their talents, creativity skills, and their ability in making sound decisions. As future managers, creative designers, product managers, communication managers, fashion consultants and specialists, students are able to accept managerial roles in fashion, luxury, and design-based companies once they complete the course. The course provides students with hands-on learning experiences and opportunities that will help them become result-oriented professionals and experts in making any luxury and fashion industries successful.

Part of the program’s curriculum is to let students participate in diverse case studies, company visits, guest-speaking roles, and other extra-curricular activities to widen their scope and understanding of the entire program. As these talents get educated and taught management programs they acquire experiences and ideas in carrying out future creative projects that will be entrusted to them by their future employers. Landing a managerial position is something to look forward to by every graduate of the program as companies look for fresh minds and degree holders who have the abilities to manage business, cope with different challenges set by accepting managerial roles, and execute management approaches that will benefit the company.

Fashion, Experience, and Design Management program highlights the need to train and educate young minds to take part in structuring an industry that is based on creativity, healthy competition, market-oriented craftsmanship, concrete leadership foundation, and culture of excellence. The program immerses students to various complexities of the fashion and design management systems. Students of the course are mostly international students who want to pursue a career that is directly linked to the ongoing process of globalization of the industry. In fact, everyday, design-based companies are faced with more challenges about solving trade-offs and potential tensions that may bring threat to the industry. However, with students’ creativity, management power skills, design communication abilities, and established visual identities, surely, they will manage to overcome any hurdles that may come their way as they manage the business, facilitate strategies that deal with customer behaviors, and conduct management approaches that go with the market trends.

There are many educational and international institutions that offer the course. Men and women alike are able to develop their capabilities and use whatever they have learned to become an indispensable part of any economy. With quality and executive education, students of the program are able to perform their roles as future educators, researchers, managers, designers, and consultants because they are trained to have the strength to advance new methods and be innovative. Knowledge in fashion and designs helps students to survive in high-end markets that belong to different industries across the globe. Not only does the course give students an intense professional career orientation during their studies but the best opportunity to benefit from real opportunities. In turn, these future professionals will help the world benefit out of their innovativeness and quality education and performance. In the end, they will be able to formulate prestigious design-based management structures with their endowed creativity, artistic sensitivity, and corporate spirit.