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Cinema and Film Studies offer far-reaching and comprehensive program of courses that can be applied in the film industry and professional film community. Programs and courses in Cinema and Film Studies highlight the theoretical and interpretive approaches to films and cinemas, the television, and the new entertainment technologies that serve as basis in assisting film and cinema students to put into application the knowledge, theories, and frameworks they will have to learn.

The cinematic arts is a good venue for students who want to explore the creative and professional aspects of film making, film critiquing, film directing and other related subject matters related to Cinema and Film Studies such as film festivals, film distribution, and film production. This part of the learning process among cinema and film students is indispensable since they will greatly benefit from this in the end.

Cinema and Film studies present unique and contemporary approaches on viewing and analyzing films, video, television, screenings, and other entertainment media that will be integral in pursuing a career in Cinema and Film Studies in the future. The graduates of degree programs under Cinema and Film Studies will be immersed with a wide range of professional opportunities in numerous organizations that deal with film festivals, award-film giving bodies, film institutes, and film agencies dedicated and responsible in advancing the value of film history, Hollywood cinema, documentaries, art cinemas, ethno-graphic film-making, and genre studies of film under horror, comedy, love story, and other categories.

In Cinema and Film Studies, students earn the opportunity to study the contributions of various writers, actors, directors, producers, technicians, and film professionals in this constant-growing industry.

As you learn and submerge yourself in Cinema and Film Studies you will have the choice to go beyond the entertainment aspects of film and film making. If truth be told, Cinema and Film Studies will create a great impact in your life and it will influence you to get affected as you learn and comprehend how films have also been affected by the culture and the society where they get filmed and where they evolved.

Your degree in Cinema and Film Studies will be your ticket to a number of careers and profession in the following fields:

Cinema Studies which can possibly lead you in a teaching position

  • Filmmaking which will connect you with film productions and film making as you do the tasks of a cinematographer, director, writer, and producer

  • Film-related positions which will help you deal with careers essential in the industry such as positions available in film festivals, media arts organization, local television stations, computer graphic firms, and exhibition among others

  • Non-film related professions are also available to Cinema and Film Studies graduates since this study is a liberal arts program that enables students to get trained and think critically. Most of the time, graduates of Cinema and Film Studies pursue careers in writing and understanding cultural artefacts of a given society and community.

As you have seen, Cinema and Film Studies aim to fulfil major requirements needed in becoming a full time professional in the film industry not to mention the possibility of pursuing a post-graduate career directly linked to your personal goals.

Job positions for Cinema/Film Studies:

Film DirectorFilm Critic

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