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Addiction is a state where something just gets out of control. Quitting from an addiction is never an easy thing to do – may it be from simple addiction to video games, addiction to gambling, cigarette addiction, unhealthy or dangerous addiction to sex, etc. What more when it comes to addiction to illegal drugs, which happen to have the ability to literally distort the person’s brain? There is no dispute about addictive illegal drugs being hazardous and totally damaging to one’s health, learning rate, attitude, and overall personality, mentality, and spirituality. Addiction creates an individual who is more inclined to having criminal attitude and lacking life goals. The use of addictive illegal drugs is rampant not only among youth in the street, but also among youth and middle-aged citizens of higher class; and this affects not just the addict himself but his family and the society, as well. This has been a perennial problem not of developing countries alone, but of the world in general.

Families of addicts will do whatever it takes to bring their loved ones in normal state after suffering from slight to severe addiction. One of the widely-known ways to do so is enrolling them in rehabilitation program. Different rehabilitation programs may have varying ways to achieve it, but the objective is clear – that is, to bring back the individual to a state where he will resent his addiction and will try to regain whatever it is that he lost because of it.

Treating addiction is not much like a linear approach. There are just lots of factors to be considered and steps that need to be strictly observed to be able to reap the intended result. Knowing the root cause of addiction is as important as ceasing the addiction itself because resorting to certain addiction is just a means to do away with the real problem. This is why rehabilitation programs are designed not just to help patients revive from the addiction itself but to address the underlying problems, as well.

Due to the increasing number of addicts everywhere (particularly drug addicts), rehabilitation programs have been in a good business position for decades now. This industry employs professional health practitioners with specialization in addiction medicine, psychiatry, nursing, and psychological counselling. Although there are general procedures, Rehabilitation requires lot of personal interaction with the patient and customization of treatment for his needs. Depending on the level of addiction and extent of damage to the patient, a patient may be enrolled in an in-patient, out-patient, short-stay, or residential treatment. Families of patients rely heavily on these professionals’ diagnosis and prescription. Often, counselling is not just for the patient but for the family, as well. Deciding to leave an addict family member to a rehabilitation center, especially in the case of residential treatments, is often more heart-breaking for the family than for the patient himself.

Rehabilitation industry is a subset of the larger healthcare industry, which aims to promote healthier society through healthier individual members. Truly, Rehabilitation is a business and a noble vocation at the same time. Rehabilitation programs are often expensive, but bringing loved ones to life is priceless.