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Agriculture is the bedrock of many of today’s industrial businesses by having agricultural products as primary source of their raw materials. For example, natural rubber is one of the major ingredients in making tyres; vegetables, fruits, poultry, meat, and dairy products support the needs of food and beverage industries; crops which are rich in sugar and starch are used in producing ethanol; plants rich in vegetable oil are used in producing biodiesel; large percentage of health supplements and vitamins have herbal products, fruits, and vegetables as main ingredients; cotton supports large percentage of fabric industry; and tobacco is the major ingredient in cigarette industry. These are just some exemplifications of the pertinent role of agriculture in lives of everybody in this world and the large part it plays in these industries. These industries, however, are more visible to consumers than agriculture itself because agriculture is often a back-stage player. Agricultural industries reside in rural areas and support the livelihood and welfare of rural people.

Agribusiness is a discipline under the larger umbrella – Agriculture. It encompasses the practices, methods, standards, and techniques in making agriculture a business. Simply put, Agribusiness is a marriage of agriculture and business. It covers a wide range of relevant areas, such as (1) marketing; (2) agricultural production and manufacturing; (3) agricultural technology; (4) policy and trade; (5) agricultural economics and finance; and (6) sales and distribution. Agribusiness is tailored to ensure sustainability of products for the industries it supports. Sustainability does not only mean having enough supply but having the most cost-efficient and quality supply. This is made possible by employing agricultural techniques and breakthroughs. Higher cost of raw materials translates to higher cost of commercial commodities, and this makes agribusiness an integral player in world economy. Continuous research and improvement in agribusiness sector has always been a part of economic planning and budget of top agricultural countries. Degree programs that specialize in Agribusiness are also made available in colleges and universities worldwide.

Some of the top agriculture exporters are United States, France, Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Italy, Belgium, and Spain. Approximately 20% of US gross national product is accounted to agribusiness sector, which employs 25% of the country’s labor force.

Graduates of Agribusiness have various career paths to choose from. Since this degree program covers a wide range of disciplines, a graduate may find interest in focusing in any of the following fields: (1) financial planning, (2) trade, sales, distribution, and marketing, (3) research and technology advancement, (4) manufacturing and production, and (5) finance and economics. One can choose which best suits his interest. Some people want hands-on jobs, while others go for desk jobs. With Agribusiness, the options are there.

Citizens of non-agricultural countries should not lose interest in pursuing career in Agribusiness because agricultural countries around the globe have continuously high demand for agribusiness professionals who have the combined acumen of agriculture and business. One best thing about Agribusiness is that most, if not really all, of its products are ‘needs’ of every individual everywhere – not just ‘wants,’ not just ‘whims,’ not just ‘luxury,’ but ‘needs.’ This makes and will continue to make Agribusiness an ongoing business.

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