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Air Traffic Management is essentially a degree geared towards managing the air traffic for safety journey. It is composed of a network of people and equipment that ensures the safe movement of commercial and privately operated aircrafts. There job is more than interesting because they know better where the pilot is going than the pilot himself. They are the ones communicating with pilots flying their aircraft on air with the equipments only they can understand.

Air Traffic management are at the bottom of invulnerable travel on air. They are responsible for the smooth coordination of air traffic movement to make certain planes stay guarded in maintaining required distance apart. Amazingly, they do their job in a semi darkness using visuals as their guides. Their equipments are very important to them to communicate their instructions. In this regard it is imperative for an Air Traffic employee to have a keen sense of hearing and communication ability as pilots rely very much on this to go on their right route.

Just like any other profession who works 24 hours, Air Traffic employees work in shift day and night. While other profession entails a normal 40 hours a week, they work overtime which is well compensated in cash or vacation. On top of that they earn extra incentive at night and during holidays. However, to become a member of the team, one has to be trained well in this profession because they are accountable for several aircrafts with thousands of passengers a day. High level of self confidence should be developed along side with the complex ability as a Traffic Management employee should have. Quick decision making is a crucial tool. Accordingly, individuals who put their time on videos and computer games are excellent screening devices for this endeavor because they are trained how to think in an instant to solve the problem when confronted with difficulties towards the opponent or the situation.

The profession requires a Bachelor’s degree or related experience with an additional FAA-approved training program and must have completed 8 hours certificate examination. Training program is provided though which range from 2 to 4 years. During the training, trainees are taught the fundamentals of weather, air traffic control procedure, operation of airport and other related jobs deemed important in their career. However, since this career requires highly qualified members, training is rigorous and only the best are fished out among the rests. One can surpass the processing if he meets the basic requirements like the age of less than 31 with appropriate school recommendations.

Job opportunities are not a problem in this field. They are hiring more than thousands of prospects. In truth, there are about over 20,000 Air Traffic Management employees hired for the year 2006 alone. This is expected to surge even further for the next years to come because FAA plans to train nearly 18,000 for the next 10 years. The turnover in this field is fast as employees retire at an early age. It is expected that there are many about to leave their posts this next few years because of retirement leaving abundant vacancies for the incoming prospect employees.

Among the driving force for individuals to join the pool of Air Traffic management is the fat salary they bring home. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics it is about $107,780 a year. Those working in the Federal government earns a little higher. This profession is the most well paid in almost any state of America. Is that not amazing?