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Studies & Degrees in Applied Biological Sciences

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The biological sciences study the characteristics, structures, functions and other aspects of living organisms and systems. An applied biological science is a study in these fields that can be used to solve scientific problems relating to animals, horticulture, health, ecology, medicine or the environment. It examines factors, theories and elements of these living systems from a global to the molecular level.
Applied biological science is an advanced scientific study, so the only dependable places that offer a well-developed course are colleges, universities, technical schools and other higher education institutions. Colleges that specialize in science and math (as opposed to liberal arts colleges) are far more likely to offer this course. A study in applied biological science is available as an undergraduate and graduate program. Some online courses are also available for this study.
Applied biological sciences encompass a wide range of sciences, including biology, ecology, environmental science and others. A study in one of these specific areas is a study of an applied biological science; however, it will not give you an entire education in all of these sciences.
Skills, Qualifications, and Prerequisites for Studies in Applied Biological Sciences
Only higher education institutions will provide individuals with an education in this field, so anyone seeking a study in applied biological sciences must meet the admission requirements to one of these institutions. This primarily includes the achievement of a secondary school completion certificate, and the passing of an aptitude test or entrance exam. A certain number of secondary school science credits may also be required for admission. Graduate programs in this field require an undergraduate degree in a related field (such as biology or environmental science) before admission.
A high aptitude for math and science
Skills and Qualifications Acquired from Studies in Applied Biological Science
If a student chooses to specialize in one area of applied biological science, he/she will naturally gain a more developed set of skills in that area. However, to study a general course in applied biological science, an individual will obtain skills and knowledge in the following areas:
  • Advanced Ecology.
  • Biotechnology.
  • Advanc ed mathematics and statistics.
  • Advanced biology (cellular, molecular, etc.).
  • Organic chemistry.
  • Health, nutrition, psychology and human behavior.
  • Anatomy and physiology (human, plant, animal).
  • Environmental and soil science, biology, conservation and restoration.
  • Animal biology, zoology and wildlife management.
  • Laws, policies and regulations regarding biological systems (environmental, etc.).
  • Strategies for analyzing biological systems.
Careers for Studies in Applied Biological Sciences
Students that complete a course in applied biological science are ready for careers in a wide variety of areas. Environmental organizations, government programs, conservation projects and restoration initiatives employ these graduates as surveyors, consultants, researchers, wildlife managers and other scientific experts. Research facilities in the private, corporate and government sectors employ these graduates