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As the political and economic balance in the world is said to be shifting towards Asia, or more specifically towards Asia’s first world countries, studies in Asian Languages receive more attention and focus from both Asian and Western students willing to get a solid basis of disciplinary studies and education related to the Asian world.

The study of Asian Languages offers instruction in the principal languages and cultures of East, Southeast, Central, and South Asia. Asian Languages are taught through linguistic, textual and literary approaches. Studying a language implies studying the countries where it is spoken. Besides linguistics, the student of Asian languages will also be introduced to Asian art history, Asian classics, comparative literature, Asian economics, political science, and religious studies. This broad knowledge will enable them to acquire an in-depth Asian consciousness and rigorous thought on historical and contemporary events related to Asian Languages. Students will also gain proficiency in reading, writing, and speaking Asian languages, in order to develop into competent communicators with a profound understanding of Asian countries, Asian societies, and Asian cultures.

Asian Languages are featured in various majors and non-majors alike. While some programs provide an overview of Asian languages, most of them specialize in one specific area: there are for instance Bachelor of Arts degrees in East-Asia languages, in South-Asia languages, or in South-East Asia languages. Other programs focus on one language only, such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hindi or Sanskrit, among others. Asian Language studies also offer research programs aimed at future teachers in the field of Asian humanities.

Asian Language studies form an extensive area of education that is part of a much broader area of studies: Asian cultures. This is why most universities that provide education in Asian Languages also offer scholarship programs to foreign students and send their own students to foreign universities. It is only through immersion that students of Asian languages will acquire a real understanding of the culture(s) they are majoring in, and gain speech fluency in the Asian language(s) they are studying.

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