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Are you a computer professional or a former manager of information systems seeking a career as a Management Systems Consultant?  Are you aware of the various academic credentials you’ll need and the job duties and other specifics often associated with this growing career?  As the business world becomes increasingly dependent on computer information systems (CIS), careers in management systems consulting are becoming more and more popular for qualified individuals, especially for the solid job security and high earning potential these careers typically offer. To give you an idea regarding what this career entails, below we will first highlight the type of academic degree(s) and coursework you’ll need to qualify as a Management Systems Consultant and show you some of the job duties and other responsibilities you’ll no doubt encounter while employed in this professional position.
Academic Requirements for a Management Systems Consultant
To pursue a career as a Management Systems Consultant you must first earn a Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems or in a related field such as network and communications management, multimedia design and development, or game and simulation programming.  The Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems is generally a four-year course of study, during which you will learn how to design, build and implement software solutions—solutions that have recently become the driving force in every business, corporation, government agency and non-profit organization.  You will also learn how to analyze existing systems and explore how to better use those system to optimize performance.
Because of the high demand for computer specialists, most students who graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems tend to quickly find employment in the field.  In these types of careers you will gain real-world experience in the implementation and analysis of CIS, and over time, you may decide to pursue a career as a Management Systems Consultant—a professional who helps other companies optimize their computer systems and/or develop new e-business strategies for a fee.  To earn this title, however, you will first need to pursue a Master’s of Science Degree in Management Systems Consulting.
  Master Degree programs in Management Systems Consulting usually span 2 or 3 years, and will include coursework in subjects such as:
  • Organizational management
  • Organizational behavior
  • Database management technology
  • Global information technology management
  • Strategic management of technology and innovation
  • And more…
A bachelor’s degree in CIS or a related field is typically the only eligibility requirement for admission into a Master’s Degree program in Management Systems Consulting, although some institutions may require an entrance examination prior to admittance.
Careers as a Management Systems Consultant
In addition to a solid education in business and information systems, a Management Systems Consultant must be self-motivated, disciplined and possess tremendous analytical and interpersonal skills.  In other words, a consultant should be able to:
  • Identify and solve real-world business dilemmas with modern theories and practices of leadership management and negotiation
  • Effectively manage computer information systems
  • Weigh the risk versus the potential return of new and emerging technologies
  • Identify and analyze the various e-business strategies used in the global marketplace
  • Use your advanced knowledge and skills to rapidly assess and solve problems as they arise
While the role you’ll play as a Management Systems Consultant may vary with each new client or organization, in almost every case you’ll be responsible for improving the organization’s performance by analyzing their existing business problems and developing new plans to solve them.