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The 21st century is a period where careers can be combined to be in demand in today’s competitive world. Hence schools came up with the idea to integrate other fields in a course especially in managerial positions. Hiring of managers in any field demands high qualifications and experience as they are among the key factors making a successful company. Such idea applies to Environmental Technology Management course too.

Environmental Technology Management program is a field which is becoming apparent these days. It is not only based on science but also requires the knowledge in environmental policy, management of hazardous materials, law regulations pertaining to it, and management of environment. In conjunction with this, biological and chemical mechanisms of environmental processes are integrated with its monitoring. Other component includes evaluation, management and advisement. For majors, it covers a hands-on exposure for better assessment, examination, monitoring and communication of environmental changes in air, fauna, water, and other related scopes of the environment.

Students who want to develop the skill of field sampling & research, analytical thinking, and technical communication best suits this course for them. To further strengthen such skills, potential graduates are encouraged to undergo further training by attending summer jobs and internship. Summer jobs are full time while internship is on a part time basis. Possible other choice is doing co-op which is a program by alternating school and work. This molds the student to be more responsible and is equivalent to a year’s experience. For students to be guided accordingly about this internship, they just visit the university’s career center of the school to help them with this concern.

Having an internship in this area is very interesting as you do not stay in the office all the time. Students go out to examine nature and study the changes brought about by activities of man. Responsibilities involve checking for the turbidity in the stream to places with activities related to construction. Included still is the measuring of the sediment amount present in the stream and data collection. Likewise, reporting the monitoring and give recommendations for improvement is an involved accountability of an intern. As an Environmental Manager, you have to take care of the environment with all the contributing factors with its changes.

Knowledge and skills of graduates gained form theory and internship in this field is very much needed in private and government sectors. They can be Environmental in State or Federal, Biologist or Technician in government agency, Research Technician in a University, and many other jobs in private and government sectors. Salary ranges from $38,000 to $50,000. However others give higher compensation. It all depends on the additional experience and advance educational qualifications.

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