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Studies & Degrees in Graphic Information Technology

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Are you looking for a degree program that offers a real-world education in the computer field, one that combines your love of the graphic arts with exciting new computer technologies?  If so, you may want to consider pursuing a degree in Graphic Information Technology. The cross-media nature of the graphic information industry demands that tomorrow’s graduates have an understanding of the full spectrum of graphic technology, reproduction processes and current business practices, and this is exactly what you’ll learn while earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Graphic Information Technology.
Bachelor of Science Degree in Graphic Information Technology
The Bachelor of Science degree program in Graphic Information Technology is ideal for students looking for an exciting career working with computers and information systems.  The program, which typically spans four years or eight full semesters, is designed to prepare students for a position as a graphic technologist, a career that encompasses web development and internet technologies; printing and digital publishing; and commercial and technical imaging.  The coursework in the Bachelor of Science program in Graphic Information Technology emphasizes both the theoretical aspects of the field, as well as practical applications, the latter achieved through hands-on, instructor-directed laboratory practice.
Some of the skills students will learn while participating in the B.S. program in Graphic Information Technology include:
  • Computer drawing and illustration, utilizing a number of technologies
  • Commercial and technical photography and photo imaging
  • E-commerce laws and practices
  • Technologies relating to gaming and computer simulation
  • Advanced-level computer languages in graphic programming
  • Three dimensional modeling and multimedia
  • Project management, including accounting and communication
  • Technical document design
  • Web development and interactive technologies
  • Quality assurance
  • And many, many more…
Eligibility requirements for the Bachelor of Science Degree program in Graphic Information Technology may vary from institution to institution.  Generally, the program is open to all undergraduates who have completed the general education portion of their studies, assuming they have met the minimum mathematics requirement, which for this program is typically college algebra or pre-calculus.
Career Opportunities in Graphic Information Technology
A degree in Graphic Information Technology prepares graduates for any number of technical and management careers in the exciting and diverse industries of graphic communication, web development  and information technology.  Job duties in these positions will vary depending on the particular industry, but they may include:
  • Technical imaging and technical photography
  • Web development and web design
  • Internet development
  • Management of graphic information assets
  • Planning, implementation and analysis of print, Internet-based and multimedia communications
  • Digital printing and publishing
  • Assuring graphic products are of the highest quality
  • Producing technical and digital media
  • And more…
These careers, which may include titles such as Computer Programmer, Web Developer, Multi-media Artist, Animator and Graphic Designer, are in very high demand with unlimited growth potential for the foreseeable future.  Whether you plan to work for a large IT firm or start your own business as a freelancer, a Bachelor of Science Degree in Graphic Information Technology will help pave the way to a challenging and well-compensated computer-based career.