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Studies & Degrees in Global Studies

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The program Global Issues is an undergraduate and graduate program that aims to let students have an in-depth understanding and analysis of world politics and international affairs. Students will be able to comprehend major global issues as they familiarize themselves with international relations studies. Events, trends, and problems that are faced by people of the world and its leaders in a growing interdependent world are highlighted to make students become more critical in dealing with information, approaches, and knowledge on pressing issues within the contemporary world.

The program is a multidisciplinary study that can be learned by students of diverse backgrounds, e.g. business, education, sciences, and arts. As students get immersed with sophisticated and both explored and unexplored core concepts in acquiring much greater awareness of interpreting and resolving global dilemmas, they become more responsible individuals that are trained and equipped to manage important global issues.

Global Issues curriculum is designed to inform, inspire, and instigate students to think seriously, carefully, and critically as they investigate, live, and cope with a world that is undergoing rapid changes. Such growth is primarily accentuated by technology’s contribution in people’s lives—the way of life. Technology has paved the way to production, better living conditions, and much improved means of communication resulting in redefining of world societies.

With the program’s objective, students are able to understand the changes and developments that have been happening in a globalized society, a world that is interconnected and interdependent. During the course, students will learn the reasons regarding the impact of globalization on international affairs since it is seen as a major driving force in the “shrinking” process that the world is experiencing at present. Students will be able to probe the nature and impacts of globalization phenomenon and end up appreciating and evaluating such phenomenon as it comprises the world’s everyday affairs.

The direction set for students taking Global Issues degree is entirely dependent of how world politics molded and influenced every nation to come together. Nation states and governments, international organizations, NGOs, multi-national corporations, and all individuals are perceived as actors who bring and spark global discussion that affect people across boundaries.

The wide scope of the program will prepare students to develop their confidence and abilities to be engaged in the international controversies deem relevant to the present era. The course also aims to cultivate students’ creativity, flexibility, and strengths as they identify themselves as responsible individuals capable of providing viewpoints and unbiased influence in resolving and assessing global issues. Some global issues themes that will be tackled during the course are: world conflicts, developments, economy and trade, education, health and food security, human rights, urbanization, and environment.

The course is unique in all sense of the word as it is considered to be a timely and current program to students aiming to pursue higher education. After completion of the course, students will become qualified professionals as they pursue careers related to various industries such as management, business, economics, law, journalism and broadcasting, and education among others.