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Those behind the current development in magnificent buildings these days are the Housing and Community developers. It is through their knowledge and skills that brought changes in the surroundings as far as housing and community development is concern. For the previous years, houses and other forms of buildings are seen as monotonous because they almost have the same patterns yet the surrounding is not palatable for the eyes. Rarely could you see a community architecturally built as it is not given much attention for it to be improved. But now, almost communities worldwide are being improved making it a better place to live in giving credit to the developers.

Housing and Community Development as a course is not specific to its title. However, one can become Housing and Community developer after finishing a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering course, Architectural Designing and other Bachelor’s degree relating to improving housing and the community. Usually, they are in collaboration with carpenters and laborers who execute the plans which is only supervised by them. Apart from these people, they are also in communication with financiers who support the project financially.

To become a successful developer, one should be abreast with the latest trends in building designs and landscaping so that the result could go sync with what is in the industry. One should consider factors when planning to include affordability, durability, and safety of both the building and its environment to bring prosperity to the community. Price is one that customers consider. It should be regulated not to be too high and not to low too for balance. Development of houses and the environment is not considered as good if the changes are prone to accidents. Well planned community attracts business of any form making it a center of commerce or an attraction for local and international tourists. This can bring in money for the community in the form of tax and other fees. It can also attract work from nearby places.

Employability in this profession can be a full time or part time. One can work in a company as an Engineer who estimates the housing materials or as an architect to draft how the house looks like.

Usually, being with the company is a long term job since they cater to government projects or huge projects which could go on for years. Salaries in this category vary greatly. It depends on the location, company, and experience. For business minded people, they can be independent to come up with a service firm which can cater to both small group and individual clients in a local level. However, a firm can become international once the business is established. Compensation in this type also depends on the number of clients catered to.

Schools worldwide are offering Bachelor’s courses leading to this endeavor. It is accorded through a series of lectures which includes all aspects of building structures, estimations, and other aspects of building a house and developing its surroundings. Studies catering for a higher related degree are also available.

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