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Studies & Degrees in Interdisciplinary Arts and Performance

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Artists have inherent qualities, so it is common to hear people say about brilliant talents, “it’s in the blood.” But artists are also made. In fact, the most famous and venerated artists have gone to school to pursue education and only developed their full potential as artists after attending school and completing a degree. Naturally, they become the best in their craft as they become writers, sculptors, painters, actors, creators, directors, composer, inventors and performers.

The study of Interdisciplinary Arts and Performance is one of the many humanities and arts courses, apparently hardly new, that aims to develop students to become masters and artists of their craft by expressing their thoughts, skills, artistic prowess and talents. Their works are a result of their arts education, understanding of integrated arts, and cross-disciplinary arts. Students of the course will definitely be excited to take interdisciplinary arts studies as they will be provided with a long history of interdisciplinary approaches in both teaching and learning. However, a greater emphasis on using new materials awaits students. The advent of technological advancements, new forms of media in videos, performance arts, multi-media installation, digital arts, and other enhanced and expanded means of learning open more possibilities for students. Eventually, these learning tools will be utilized to give students full spectrum of the arts as they have a better and eminent training ground in exploring visual arts, music, creative writing, and theater.

Interdisciplinary arts are traditional majors of learning arts as it provides students the best opportunities to thrive within their chosen discipline. However, they are also encouraged to pursue multiple studies that immensely interest them, as long as the study allows them to better dig into arts. Highly-motivated students are the best candidates for the course. If they can set clear purpose and objectives in taking the program, they better prepare themselves in building and crossing bridges and starting paths in arts, to some extent go beyond their specialized discipline and directly linked it to studies outside arts. The program offers diverse professional opportunities and significant careers while their only ways and means are their artistic abilities, ingenuity, and creative minds not to mention their highest artistic integrity.

Interdisciplinary is a program under theater and performance studies which will make students create and produce theater shows representing the relation of visual media performance. The music and sound arts give students more knowledge in analyzing sound arts techniques, theories of recording, electronic and computer music, sound performance and sound installation. More so, students interested in visual media will get the highest impression for the course as they will study visual and media arts, drawing and painting videos and interactive media by employing creative insight supported by timely discoveries of techniques, tools and adapted theories.

Most importantly, students will be able to develop other qualities equally related to their natural traits. They will become flexible, versatile, liberal, and forbearing to spark meaningful developments as they dedicate themselves in giving creative attention to life that will carry art practices in the future.