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Are you looking for a degree program that will train and prepare you for one of the many exciting careers in the criminal justice field?  If so, the Bachelor of Science degree in Justice Studies may be the ideal program for you.  The Bachelor of Science degree program in justice studies offers you an interdisciplinary approach to studying both the theory of crime and the criminal justice system, and will give you the tools needed to land a well-paid position following graduation.  Eligible graduates can use this degree as either a springboard to an advanced law degree or pursue one of the many justice-related career positions now available throughout the world.  Below we will take a closer look at the Bachelor of Science degree in Justice Studies—eligibility requirements and coursework—and outline some of the careers and job duties open to those who have earned this degree.
Eligibility Requirements and Coursework for a Bachelor of Science in Justice Studies
Students who wish to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in Justice Studies must have a high school diploma or its equivalent to be considered for admission.  The proper candidate should have a strong interest in the legal system and possess excellent research and writing skills.  Like with most undergraduate degree programs, the B.S. in Justice Studies will include general education coursework in addition to classes that focus on their chosen field.  Students who have earned an associate’s degree at a junior or community college can usually transfer that coursework to the college or university of their choice, and those credits will be applied towards their degree.
The Focus and Coursework of the Bachelor of Science in Justice Studies
Student who enroll in the B.S degree program in Justice Studies typically focus their education on the theory and fundamentals of law and public policy.  They will research the various causes and effects of crime in a given society and strive to discover new policies and procedures that will lead to social change and safer communities.  The development of excellent research skills is a hallmark of this program—skills that can be applied towards the administration of justice.  Once students graduate they will possess a commanding knowledge of the justice/court system and criminal law, along with the newest theories and practices in the investigation of crime and the court system.
A Bachelor of Science degree in Justice Studies typically spans four years in duration, with the initial two years focusing on general education subjects such as mathematics, language, history and science. In the final two years, students will focus on upper-division coursework, studying topics such as:
  • Research and methodology in criminal justice
  • Communities (societies) and drugs
  • Juvenile crime and delinquency
  • Criminal justice and ethics
  • Family and workplace violence
  • Serial murderers
  • And many more…
Bachelor of Science in Justice Studies:  Career Options
Following graduation, students who have earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Justice Studies have two general options:  continue their education or seek employment.  With the first option, the B.S. degree entitles students to pursue one of the many Master’s, and later Doctorate-level degree programs in the discipline—programs which focus on both the theory and application of criminal justice.  Advanced students may opt to apply for law school, where if accepted they’ll receive high-level and sophisticated instruction in the field, ultimately allowing them to practice law as an attorney.
Most students, however, will choose the second option:  putting their degree to work in a justice-related career field.  Many of these occupations are government positions, at the city, county, state or federal level.  Job titles for these growing careers include:
  • Corrections facility officer
  • Probation or parole officer
  • Court administrative worker or bailiff
  • Juvenile detention officer
  • United States Marshall
  • And many more…
As you can see, earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in the field of Justice Studies is the first step towards an exciting and rewarding career in the criminal justice system, affording you the opportunity to be part of the solution in the community in which you work and live.

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