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Studies & Degrees in Manufacturing Engineering Technology

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A Bachelor of Science degree in Manufacturing Engineering Technology is designed to prepare students to work in and support manufacturing operations throughout the country—operations in which engineers create plans and projects and present them to mid-management personnel, who must then carry out the planning, organization and delivery of those manufacturing projects.  The curriculum in this popular major features a strong emphasis on manufacturing, automation and the metals-oriented industries.  Students pursuing this degree have the unique opportunity to prepare for mid-management and supervisory positions in manufacturing centers, as well as technical positions, sales, service and research.
Bachelor of Science Degree in Manufacturing Engineering Technology

The Bachelor of Science Degree in Manufacturing Engineering Technology is a four-year program (eight semesters) now offered by countless colleges and universities.  To be considered for admission students must possess a high school diploma or the equivalent and have a fairly strong background in mathematics, science and technology, as many institutions require a passing score on an entrance examination prior to admission.

In the initial two years of the program, general education courses are typically the focus, including classes such as college algebra and trigonometry; English composition; information, technology and society; macroeconomics, statistics; physics, speech; and elective courses in the humanities.  The final two years consist primarily of upper-division coursework—classes directly related to Manufacturing, Engineering Technology.  Some of these courses include:
  • Mill and Lathe applications
  • Occupational safety
  • Basic machine tool programming
  • Metrology/Quality control
  • CNC programming and machining
  • Electrical discharge machining
  • Abrasive machining and heat treatment
  • Manufacturing process and organization
  • Introduction to metallurgy
  • Robotic applications
  • Industrial electronics and applications
  • And many more…
Those who graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Manufacturing Engineering Technology are expected to be able to:
  • Solve manufacturing issues utilizing computer hardware and software.
  • Solve manufacturing problems using scientific principles and methods
  • Analyze and solve manufacturing issues of an economic, technical, organization, and design variety.
  • Seek out and recommend solutions of manufacturing problems of the moral, ethical, and legal nature.
  • Ensure quality assurance in the workplace and recommend systems, procedures, and techniques to meet quality standards.
  • Program computers, CNC machines and other automated manufacturing equipment.
  • Work closely with an industrial design team in the design, redesign, and upgrade of products to achieve improved manufacturability, aesthetics, and function.
  • Demonstrate specific skills and knowledge of tools, equipment, systems, materials, processes, and procedures to solve manufacturing and production problems.
  • Schedule, organize, and carry out engineering technology projects under supervision.
  • Demonstrate skill and knowledge in the selection and use of appropriate materials.
  • Demonstrate leadership skills, ethical behavior, and knowledge of management dynamics.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the organization and its functions in a manufacturing setting.
A Bachelor of Science degree in Manufacturing Engineering Technology is a great first step towards landing an exciting and lucrative career position in this growing field, giving you the knowledge and skills to perform well in a variety of functions within a manufacturing center. Graduates of the B.S. program in Manufacturing Engineering Technology go on to fill a variety of roles, including manufacturing engineering technologists, manufacturing management professionals, manufacturing process engineering technologists, line supervisors, research and development technologists, industrial/technical representatives, industrial/technical sales positions and production technologists.   
Career Opportunities

Manufacturing engineering technologist, manufacturing management, manufacturing process engineering technologist, line supervisor, research and development technologist, industrial/technical representative, industrial/technical sales, production technologist.