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Level: Undergraduate Associate     Location: Madrid
Level: Undergraduate Associate     Location: Madrid

The career opportunities provided for graduates of Women’s Studies is immense. The liberal arts education acquired during the course mainly involves critical thinking. More so, major course topics such as gender, politics, and feminism serve as the dominating subject matters under this interdisciplinary academic field.

Women’s Studies involve in-depth and comprehensive study areas that revolve around feminist theory, social history, women history which highlights women’s suffrage, women’s health, women’s fiction, feminist art, feminist psychoanalysis, and courses related to gender studies, humanities, and social sciences.

This interdisciplinary area of study started in 1970s, a time when people become concerned with women’s history, social justice, gender, race, sexuality, class, equality, and other aspects of women studies that have started as societal oppression within a patriarchal society. Initially, women studies were established as an academic rubric. However, it has gotten more sensational and seriously discussed during the second wave of feminism as it had earned political influence in various academies triggered by student and faculty activism of the same year.

Historically speaking, Women Studies were modeled on the American Studies and other ethnic studies that include Afro-American Studies and Chicano Studies. After just a year of its establishment as part of the academy, women studies, specifically in the United States, had grown intense leading to formation and organization of women’s consciousness raising groups, circulation of petition, rallies on the street, operations of unofficial classes, and more women-issues related activities. This in all its worth has marked a historical turning point in the lives of women around the world.

Taking up a degree in Women’s Studies will help students manifest their skills and confidence in understanding women issues that continue to be raised globally. The learning skills that will be developed during the entire course period will be about broad yet relevant knowledge on feminist research, teaching, and diverse topics of women studies related to economic, political, social, and cultural elements of a specific society and as it extends globally.

When it comes to employment opportunities in store to every graduate of Women’s Studies, the possibilities are beyond expectations. This is because graduates of the course are prepared to undertake duties and responsibilities not just in liberal arts but in providing profound insights that tackle issues on women oppression and celebration. As this is learned, students become more sensitive and sensible in handling ethical situations that require immediate actions and making of smart decisions.

Finally, studying Women Studies allows women to comprehend how history silenced the voices of many women. With this awareness, their thoughts, ideas, and views can be easily put into many practical situations as they continue to experience and attend trainings largely related to women studies. With the unstoppable growth of women’s agencies and organizations, the demand for professionals with specialization in Women’s Studies widens. This shows that graduates of the course can handle jobs in medicine, law, social work, counseling, teaching, government services, gender issues-related organizations, insurance companies, higher education, and personnel firms. With this wide scope, it is no longer a wonder that women are now taking over jobs that have once belonged to men.

Job positions for Women’s Studies:

Human Rights AdvocateClinical Social Worker

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