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Have you dreamed of owning a business or at least work in a small business? The Small Business and Entrepreneur Management program can help you be prepared for your careers and self-employment in small business. This program incorporates training and instructions in assessing small business concepts as well as opportunities, enhancing skills and knowing the necessary resources required to begin a business.

Perhaps, as you know, anybody can begin a business. But the problem is that a lot of individuals do not know what a business comprises of, or do not understand the threat and do not have the proper knowledge to begin and effectively run a business or function for an existing business.

There are schools and colleges that designed their Small Business and Entrepreneur Management program to give its students with a primary business plan as well as entrepreneurial toolbox that would lead them to the self-employment direction. Considered as a higher-division program, this course is primarily geared for a two years graduate who has passion to utilize the technical skills enhanced in their training to the commencement of their own small company. Many students accessing this program would have a preferred field of venture or task already in their minds. Also, the program is appropriate for learners who would like to improve an entrepreneurial attitude that would be positively expected in every business organization.

Small Business and Entrepreneur Management program will use a business sketch model in combination with the idea of the entrepreneurs’ toolbox. Majority of its courses leaned to different sections of the business plan. Beginning with an overview to entrepreneurship, every succeeding course is intended as an instrument that could go in the entrepreneurial toolbox of the student for utilization in the making of the business plan and succeeding business. The course integrates: marketing, finance, new product/innovation development, entrepreneurial legal matters, human resources and value chain administration. The enhancement of the skills ends in making the business plan/s and utilizing the entrepreneurial toolbox during the field study. Supplemental course have been incorporated that complete the specific requirements of programs for the students.

Since majority of the schools and colleges that offer such program required their students to have at least 60 hours of course work, the initial semester is intended with several flexibility. They might be required to accomplish the requirements for general education and take four basic business related courses such as economics, business statistics, accounting and organization and management. Some students might already have completed all of the basic courses while other students might have accomplished the requirements for general education. Bearing such in mind, the programs has been planned in order for the students to take eighteen hours in each two semesters of the program to accomplished the requirements of the program. Given that the students has already completed some of the basic courses, the course for the third semester will then be moved in advance or other designed electives would be suggested.

At the time the program is completed, a student will not just have a degree but also, he or she will have freshly developed skills that he or she can use in starting and effectively running a small business.

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