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Studies & Degrees in Psychopedagogy

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The Bachelor of Science degree in psychopedagogy is designed to prepare students to become professional experts in guiding and taking part in a variety of educational settings.  It offers students a basic knowledge of teaching processes and the potential to create specialized itineraries that are relevant to their professional and academic interests and their previous training and experience.  This is achieved through relevant coursework, practical training and optional subjects—a well-rounded program that addresses various educational needs in today’s society.  Following completion of the Bachelor of Science degree in Psychopedagogy, graduates can find gainful employment in schools, education centers and programs, training departments, museums or any other services relevant to education and social affairs.
Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychopedagogy
The Bachelor of Science degree in Psychopedagogy provides students with the tools required to take part in the different stages of the teaching and learning process.  These professionals can either work directly with various subsets of the population (children, teens, the elderly, etc.), or indirectly by designing the support material needed to facilitate this process.  The main objective of the degree is to provide students with the knowledge and skills to elaborate and develop beneficial counseling activities and programs, and create the right conditions to carry them out.  To achieve this goal, the Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychopedagogy teaches students the academic, personal and labor skills needed to make educational psychologists’ tasks easier.  These skills enable professionals to understand, inform and take part in the educational process and to solve conflicts which may arise during its development.
While the coursework in the Bachelor of Science degree program in Psychopedagogy may vary from institution to institution, most programs offer classes with title such as:
  • Research methods in Psychopedagogy
  • Basic psychological processes
  • Clinical psychology
  • Social psychology of education
  • Theory and history of contemporary education
  • Organizing and education center
  • General didactics
  • Educational psychology
  • And many more…
To be eligible to apply for the Bachelor of Science Degree program in Psychopedagogy, students must first possess a high school diploma or the equivalent.  Most institutions will also require a passing score on an entrance examination, which measures students’ basic proficiency in subjects such as mathematics and language.  The majority of students who pursue this degree program have previously earned an undergraduate teaching certificate or psychology degree.
Psychopedagogy Careers
The areas in which graduates can find employment after earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychopedagogy are many, including:
  • Private companies, working as training experts/coordinators, human resource or personnel managers and marketing experts.
  • Training facilities
  • Public and private services and/or institutions with a focus on children, young people and their families.
  • Educational services or publishing companies, creating distance-learning material, guidance and self-learning publications and more.
  • Mass media:  radio, television, press and periodicals
  • Research facilities
  • Freelance work
  • And more…
The Bachelor of Science degree in Psychopedagogy, a degree that blends both educational and psychological training, is ideal for those students who wish to work in career fields that directly benefit various segments of the population.