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Studies & Degrees in Creative Writing

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Creative Writing Study Programs

Level: Undergraduate Bachelors     Location: Villanueva de la Cañada

In several surveys, it stated that when we were younger, we had dreams of becoming a writer. One of the proofs that this is true is our fondness for creating journals or diaries. When we grow up, we can choose our career path and with the help of proper education, we will be able to achieve our dreams. If you are still one of those individuals who still want to have a career in writing, you can be a Creative Writing major. This course pertains to any type of writing including poetry, fiction and even non-fiction novels. Normally, they go outside the boundaries of the usual and professional journalistic and academic approach when it comes to creating articles or other forms of writing. Most people who have graduated with this course have turned out to be epic, short story and novel writers. Screenwriting and playwriting have their own study program but they fall under the same category.

Creative writing means that you can produce any type of composition without being guilty of plagiarism. In other words, it should be original. This is considered as a contemporary counterpart for what is being called literature and the other genres that are in this group. Most creative writers do not limit their works and even include professional writing. Here, it is important that one is able to keep the records that are deemed as significant. There is also a need to share the experience with other interested groups as well as giving an individual a sense of freedom of expression. The latter is believed to contribute to the mental and physical wellbeing of a person.

Unlike all the writing classes, studying Creative Writing allows the students to focus on self expression. Only a few colleges offer this area of study but if you truly want to acquire sufficient knowledge concerning the techniques and how to properly implement good writing, you can enroll in a repute university. The prominence of Creative Writing began during the post war periods and since then there have been many students who enrolled to this course.

Students should not only utilize their minds but also their imagination. Typically, creative writing is being taught starting from high school to graduate school. They are often included in the English department of the school but due to several students wanting to take up this course, some schools have begun creating a solid department for the course itself.

Writers have the ability to choose whether they would like to focus on poetry or fiction compositions. Once they have chosen which of the two they think is suitable for them, they can now select what programs they will be taking including lasses on literature, education and even workshop classes that will enable them to strengthen and enhance their skills so that when they graduate they will be ready for different challenges.

Job positions for Creative Writing:

Freelance SEO Writer

We all know how important it is for a certain website to rank up in prominent search engines. This is why there has been a recent demand for freelance SEO writers. If you are a major in Creative Writing, there is a great chance that you will be able to grab the best job opportunities when it comes to this type of work. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is their goal to have a certain website appears in the highest rank when a search results page comes up. There are several companies that hire this kind of writer because they want to have higher sales or visits in the future.

It is easy to say that these Freelance SEO Writers have in their hands the fate of the business since when they are able to write good content for the company that has hired them more customers will be more willing to pay for the product or service they have written about. Based on a survey in the US, depending on your skill in writing or the company that has hired you, you can earn from $10 to 50$ in every 500 to 750 words. All of the articles though should be in original form. If you are hired to host for the company’s main site and they ask you to write all the content that the readers will be scanning, you can expect that you will be earning about $250 up to $3500 on your monthly salary. That is a lot of money knowing that you will only research and then write original articles for them. You will have to monitor their visibility in the search engines and when they have noticed a big change, you can anticipate that your salary will even get higher.

For those who are editing the original content of the site and then incorporating the keywords only, you will be earning a few dollars per 500 words. You could be wondering where you can apply or submit your resume to when you are interested in SEO writing jobs. The answer is anyone that has an online business. Website owners will be searching for the best freelance writer since it is quite palpable that there is much competition on the Internet these days. For instance, if there is a real estate site or even a travel site and it happens to appear in the first page of the search results, the customers will be interested in visiting the site and eventually, they will be acquiring for the services or the products.

Being a Freelance SEO writer is not actually a hard job. All you have to do is make sure that you have researched relevant information and then you can go ahead with your creative writing. However, before proceeding, you should be able to assess yourself whether you have good English grammar and the spelling of the words is correct. What is good about this job is that you can perform this at the comforts of your home. You just need a computer and an Internet to connect you to your client.