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The study of Spanish Culture and Society is both a language learning program and academic course that require students to gain in-depth knowledge of Spain’s rich culture while studying the various aspects of the language. The exploration of Spanish history, politics, economy, art, music, society, foreign policies, and literature among others serve as the main objective of the course. In terms of learning the Spanish language, it is important that the five skills namely speaking, reading, writing, listening, and oral interaction are all integrated.

The program’s curriculum will first establish an intensive view of the Spanish history since this will give students a general frame and background. Subjects that will be taken in the future will be interrelated to present a comprehensive study of the program.

During the course, students will be taught the different cultures found within Spain and they are: Basque, Galician, Catalan, and Castilian among others. During the introduction of the program, students will be immersed gradually with various aspects of the Spanish civilization. There will be a thorough study to let students earn understanding of Spanish civilization, including the lifestyle and society’s undertakings. Political implications, policy issues, international relations, and social changes that have marked Spain’s rich and dynamic society will be explored and studied based on the country’s history, politics, arts, economy, religion and literature.

As the program continues, students will plunged themselves in identifying the various and diverse artistic methods of expression of Spanish painting, literature, cinema, music, and architecture among others.

The study of Spanish and Society particularly accentuates the need to make students fluent and effective speaker of the Spanish language. To help students enhance their ability to communicate and express themselves in Spanish, they don’t simply have to master the four skill areas of learning competencies but continue to let themselves acquire cultural competencies at the same time. This way, there will be an intensive mastery of the language as they submerged themselves in their study of Spanish values, lifestyle, and society in its entirety.

There are a number of ideal settings where students can acquire a degree in Spanish Culture and Society. Universities and colleges in Madrid, Barcelona, Marbella, Valencia, and Salamanca are devoted and equipped to make their school conducive for learning. They are also equipped with not just instruments, resources and materials for student’s fast learning but supported by qualified faculty members who will lead students in their study of Spanish culture and society until they themselves become as equally qualified as their mentors.

Spanish Culture and Society program is one of the many unique programs that can be acquired internationally for both graduates and undergraduates. To achieve high standard and quality education, it is recommended that students pursue their education abroad or in Spain to better absorb the Spanish way of life and total immersion in the Spanish language.

Finally, certain examinations to gauge students’ proficiency levels in Spanish language are conducted prior to registration to the course. Students can either be leveled as total beginner, elementary, intermediate, advanced, and proficient.