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The course Medieval Studies is a rare interdisciplinary program that primarily highlights the study of the history and culture of Middle Ages. The period of Middle Ages covers the late antiquity to the 15th century and is known to be a vibrant period of interaction, mutual influence, and interdependence that includes world-renowned battles and encounters of the three world’s greatest civilizations in the Mediterranean world: Latin Europe, the Islamic caliphates, and Byzantine Empire. They are all linked and influenced by the Greco-Roman civilization due to the occurrences of certain historical circumstances, religious developments, and local conditions of that time.

As the study further advances, students will be immersed with the rich and dynamic history and culture of this outstanding period. Learning opportunities are provided for the sake of all students desiring to have in-depth awareness of the great range of disciplines belonging to the medieval world. Moreover, students get introduced to the plethora of scholars and specialists who have expertise in medieval studies and who have been active and domineering in this program of study.

During the course, students are able to experience and enjoy opportunities that will trigger their interests as they discover interrelationships of other medieval disciplines that can not be easily acquired within traditional academic compartmentalization.

Skills and practices are also revealed and students will be taught to acquire such skills as a manifestation of their ability to handle pressing issues of the modern world since there is an unbreakable connection of the past events during the medieval period to the contemporary period. Such skills will also be relevant in gaining deeper and more critical stream of thoughts to mark an era that is a result of a thousand years of European history.

Medieval Studies focus on the study of art, history, languages, literature, philosophy, religion, and science of the period that has been prominent until it has reached the age of modernity. Students who successfully completed the Medieval Studies program are equipped with priceless education that can be used in careers that involve teaching courses on medieval subjects, organization of medieval lectures and symposium, and in holding projects that are directly linked to acquisition of a vast wealth of resources needed in conducting medieval researches.

Indeed, every century has its own creations, innovations, and undertakings that served as concrete foundation of specific periods. The Middle Ages is no different since it embodies an entirely different period of time that has its own form of literature, languages, architecture, culture, and art among others. Middle Ages is divided into various periods namely Early Middle Ages, High Middle Ages, and Later Middle Ages and Middle Ages had religion as its highest stature. The church and state in the Medieval Europe, the crusades, the pilgrimage, papacy, Medieval inquisition, heresy, monastic orders, Judaism, Islam, and Reconquista among others are the hottest and often highlighted events of the Middle Ages.

Thus, students who choose to pursue Medieval Studies should prepare themselves in finally deciding which medieval concentration they should take which could either be literature or language.