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Level: Undergraduate Bachelors     Location: Madrid

Biomedical Engineering or more commonly known as BME is one of the newest fields to emerge in medical science. Not to be mistaken for biotechnology, Biomedical Engineering deals mainly with medical equipments while biotechnology is a broader term which also includes the use of living organisms.

The field of Biomedical Engineering has been responsible for several breakthroughs that have changed the way medical doctors diagnose and treat patients. Biomedical Engineering now allow those who have implanted pacemakers live longer compared to those who got implants 10 years ago due to inclusions of biocompatible materials. Diagnostic medicine improved by leaps and bounds due to breakthroughs in Biomedical Engineering. One such breakthrough is the Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI. Who would have thought of using water inside the body together with radio frequency to produce a high resolution image of any given internal body part without the ionizing radiation? Truly, a major breakthrough in diagnostic medicine because MRI can detect abnormal tissues such as tumors without subjecting patients to dangerous radio-active rays as X-rays would. Another underrated contribution of Biomedical Engineering is the use of mobile diagnostic instruments. Digital thermometers, blood-sugar monitoring devices, fat-body mass index calculators and other devices that can give results instantly and accurately are now being widely used all over the world. In fact, in the battle against the spread of A(H1N1) virus, digital thermometers are used to detect symptoms. Thermometers shaped like a gun are pointed a few inches away from the throat because a symptom of A(H1N1) infection is an infected throat and if the special thermometer gives an abnormal reading in the throat area, automatically the patient are advised to see a doctor. This special thermometer is now being used in almost all airports around the world.

Biomedical Engineering also covers replacements of severed body parts or in medical terms, prosthetics. It is biomedical engineers who make artificial ears, eyes, hands, and legs. Presently, nobody can be seen wearing a wooden leg because Biomedical Engineering has created artificial legs that look like the real ones. Although there is not much room for improvement in the area of prosthetics, in general, there are however developments ongoing to make artificial hands pick up and grasp objects.

Indeed, Biomedical Engineering is still in its initial stages and very much has a lot of innovations to make to help humankind. Right now, the implantation of microchips to willing patients containing pertinent medical details like sickness history, allergies, blood types, organ donor details are in the works but is still a subject of long debates on its implementation. This microchip would give very important details in cases of emergencies as more often the case is, a lot of emergency-case patients die because of certain information like blood type and allergies have to be extracted by doing some tests to get these necessary information before giving them proper treatment. During emergency cases, a minute of lost time can spell the difference between life and death.

To those who want to get in the exciting action of inventing useful medical devises can now take courses in Biomedical Engineering. Expect this to be a difficult course because this combines medical and engineering concepts.

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