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The area of Gender Studies is a field focused on questions regarding gender which arises across the various disciplines of college liberal arts. It is one of the most important areas wherein gender representations are taken into examination. Moreover, Gender Studies as a discipline itself is an interdisciplinary field involving the incorporations of various approaches and methods of other wide ranging disciplines. All of those disciplines differ in terms of approaches in how and as to why study gender studies. For example in the fields’ sociology, psychology and sociology, gender as a practice disciplines among drama studies, performance theory, anthropology, contemporary art history, film theory, literary theory, psychology, psychoanalysis and is being studied, as well as in cultural studies wherein most of the culture history and changes are dealt with.

Furthermore, Gender studies is considered to be a theoretical work in social humanities which focuses on diverse issues when it comes to the language and society of sex and gender, this area addresses the related issues of ethnic and racial oppression, post colonial societies and issues on globalization. The work involved in studying Gender Studies is influenced by other fields, namely African American Studies, Latin Studies, Asian American Studies, Native American Studies and Ethnic Studies. Aside from the related fields, the works on Gender Studies is closely in association with the works of queer studies, women studies and other aspects of culture studies. Principally, the works of Gender Studies lies in the publications and humanities departments and at the same time, it is also found in other social-scientific fields of psychology, anthropology and sociology.

The meaning of gender is changing; meaning the constructed idea of culture of the sex difference is inevitable and is ever changing over places and time. Taking Gender Studies involves studying the identity’s central category of its basic shape infrastructures. Such involves the divisions of private and public sectors, patterns of labor and wealth distribution, ways of representing gender in literature, pop culture and art, understanding the body and sexuality, defining health and sickness, state and public life norm creation and knowledge production itself.

Generally, behavioral and personality differences are perceived to be due to conditioning, learning and imitation and modeling against pure tendencies which are biologically based, this portion of research is involved in Gender Studies, because it also involves studying the experiences and environments of individuals, the personality developments and genetic factors as well as mental disorders.

The courses of Gender Studies paves way in understanding images shaping the constantly changing world, ideologies and social patterns, at the same time Gender Studies also makes way for questions on how gender is formed, maintained and divided and how it is frequently undermined or resisted. In the last four decades in the United States, students are exploring gender scholarship which covers history of thoughts and actions of the feminists namely gay, bisexual, lesbian studies, men studies, queer theory and transgender studies. Associating works with the programs on Race and Ethnicity, these courses are exploring the intersection areas of gender, class and race.