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Are you seeking a degree in the social sciences, one that combines Sociology and Economics in the study of how cities, states and/or nations develop?  If so, you may be a perfect candidate for the Bachelor of Arts degree program in Social and Economic Development Studies. The Bachelor of Arts degree in Social and Economic Studies is the perfect pathway for students who wish to learn about the various social and economic changes and issues that either positively or negatively affect a region’s development.  The course of study in its entirety is based on the theoretical and methodological foundation of the social sciences, with an emphasis on the causes of rapid social changes in both the developed and developing regions of the world, and the consequences of those changes.  Below we will discuss the Bachelor of Arts degree program in Social and Economic Development in a bit more detail, including a brief synopsis of the curriculum, the eligibility requirements and some of the career opportunities available for graduates.
Bachelor of Arts in Social and Economic Development Studies
The Bachelor of Arts degree program in Social and Economic Development Studies is designed to provide students with a preliminary basis for careers in the fields of society and developmental issues, both domestically and abroad.  Additionally, the degree lays a foundation for advanced studies in other branches of the social sciences.  Through the course of the program students will acquire a basic insight into the attributes and characteristics of various societies and the social and economic issues those societies face.  Among the many topics covered in the program are:
  • The principal theories and research conducted in the sector of society development
  • Methodology of statistics and field studies
  • The characteristics of both the natural and human environment
  • The structure of societies and their politics, both at home and abroad
  • The organization and implementation of social and economic research
  • The presentation of research conclusions for both laymen and scholars
The Bachelor of Arts Degree typically takes three to four years to complete, amounting to 180 credits under the new Bologna credit and degree system.  Student evaluation is generally based on periodic appraisal throughout each semester, culminating with a capstone research project in the final year.  During the initial year of the program a foundation is laid for studies in the social sciences and economic theory.  Topics such as the Industrial Revolution and its consequences throughout the world will be a major area of focus in the program, as will the principal theories in sociology, social and economic trends, and the current climate of Western thought in the 21st century.
All students with a high school diploma or its equivalent are eligible to apply for admission into the Bachelor of Arts degree program in Social and Economic Development Studies.  However, depending on the university some students may be required to take and pass an entrance exam prior to admission.
Careers in Social and Economic Development Studies
According to employment studies, graduates with a B.A, in any of the social studies are highly sought in today’s employment market.  While a degree in this field does not necessarily amount to professional certification in any one area of expertise, there is a significant demand for qualified individuals with a well-rounded knowledge of society, a command of methodology procedures, and discipline in their work procedures and training.  Social Science majors can go on to work in jobs linked to development issues both domestically and abroad, in fields such as sociology, economics and social anthropology.  The degree can also qualify students as social science instructors at primary and secondary schools, and also a great first step towards an advanced degree in the social sciences, which is typically required for students who wish to teach at the college and university levels.

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