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The first thing that comes to mind when someone speaks of Buddhism are the monks that defy the laws of nature as we know it. They can endure pain, hunger, coldness, heat and other things that we cannot normally endure but they can through meditation. They have this inner peace and live a pretty simple life. Scientists are trying to study how they can do such things and are constantly looking for loopholes or some logical explanation to explain such phenomenon. But what is really Buddhism?

Buddhism is largely based on the life and teachings of Siddharta Gautama, commonly known as Buddha. Buddhism comprises a variety of tradition, beliefs and practices attributes to Buddha and explains the purpose of life that leads to a genuine happiness. It is a religion to about 300 million people around the world. Buddha is not considered a god in Buddhism, but he is considered as someone who has found life enlightenment and is just simply sharing it to the world. According to Buddhism history, Buddha was once a royal prince who abandoned his royalty and lived a simple life towards enlightenment.

Buddhism is becoming popular nowadays, especially in western countries because many people are finding their answers about the problems that we now have in our modern and materialistic world. It offers advance understanding of the human mind which had proven to be useful in the field of psychology. Modern science is always trying to unravel the truth behind why do some Buddhist can withstand such great amount of pain or survived without any food or water for months.

Taking up Buddhist Study will allow understanding about the basic principles and concepts of Buddhism. It can be summarized as the Four Noble Truth and the Noble Eigthfold Path. The course will also explain about the life and teachings of Buddha and other beliefs of Buddhism like Karma and reincarnation. Advancing more on the course will offer knowledge on the history and scriptures of Buddhism and other Buddhist traditions and the ever so famous techniques on meditation.

Buddhist ethics is an integral part of this study. It put great emphasis on the human mind and mental pain like hate, quilt remorse which is supposed to be avoided in order to achieve a peaceful mind. There are several guidelines in achieving this which are all going to be tackle while taking up Buddhist Study. This will also explain as to why Buddhist are vegetarian because they do believe that eating meat is synonymous to killing or taking a life no matter how direct of indirectly it may seem.

Buddhist Study will surely change someone’s view in life and will guide someone to take a path towards enlightenment. It will change how we live and the way that we define life.