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Are you interested in a course of study that will help you better understand, speak or even master the Hindi language—the principal language spoken in India as well as in other parts of the world?  If so, you may want to check with your college or university’s language department regarding their course and degree offerings in Hindi language and literature. 
Although still considered a developing nation, India, the second-most populous nation in the world, has one of the fastest-growing economies.  As such, many experts believe the country will play a major role in the global economy in years to come, and those who can speak and understand the language will have a sizable advantage over those that cannot.  Earning a bachelor or master’s degree in Hindi can open a world of potential career opportunities for the right candidate, and with many colleges and universities now offering this program, including study abroad programs, it has never been easier to enroll.  Below we will discuss the Hindi degree program a bit further—what it entails, the curriculum, etc.—and outline some of the wonderful career opportunities available for qualified graduates.
Degree Programs in Hindi
Degrees in the Hindi language are offered at the undergraduate (Bachelor) graduate (Master’s) and post-graduate (PhD) levels, spanning, on average, four, two and three years respectively.  While the degree’s main focus is on the teaching of the Hindi language to both speakers and non-speakers, it also explores Hindi literature, which can be broadly divided into four categories or forms:  Bhakti (devotional); Snringar (beauty); Veer-Gatha (extolling brave warriors); and Adhunik (modern literature).  Classes are taught by native Hindi professors, who specialize in imparting valuable skills through lectures, group discussions and guided practice.  Full-immersion study abroad excursions, which can also be applied towards the Hindi degree, are often included as a component of these programs, particularly at the graduate and post-graduate levels.
Eligibility requirements for entrance into a Hind language degree program depend, of course, on the level of study.  Typically, only a high school diploma or its equivalent is required for undergraduate admittance, while at least a Bachelor degree in the subject is required for the graduate and post-graduate programs.
What Can I Do with a Degree in Hind?
The Hindi degree program is perfect for students with an interest in the Hindi language, culture, literature and customs, as well as for those who plan to conduct business in regions of the world where the language is spoken.  Hindi graduates can often find employment in both the public and private sector, working in career positions such as:
  • Freelance translators, especially between English and Hindi
  • Hindi teacher at the primary and secondary school levels
  • Hindi proofreaders and copywriters
  • Language consultants
  • Associate and full professorships at colleges and universities
  • Hindi Tutors
  • International business
  • And more…
The undergraduate Hindi degree program is the perfect first step for anyone interested in studying the literature and language of India at the Master’s or Doctorate levels, and also for those who wish to contribute to its research and development throughout the country.