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Agro-Chemical and Pest Management career is the skeletal frame of successful farmers, agriculturists, and agribusiness tycoons. The knowledge of Agro-chemists is the key factor in supporting the technical know-how of farmers to have a superior yield. They provide extended knowledge and skills that will ultimately lead them to maintain sustainability in their production and effective protection of their plants from the threats of killer pests leveraging the economy of a country.

Small and big time producers of rice, wheat, corn, fruits, vegetables and other plants deemed important to man are reliable on the scientific knowledge of Agro-chemist experts. Graduates of this course are responsible in formulating pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides which are important in controlling pests. Apart from this, they also come up with fertilizers and other agricultural products which are equally crucial in farming. Without such, farming would be considered as a doomsday for producers.

This career is very interesting because graduates can become scientists in their own rights. Through researches and studies, they come up with solutions to problems related to any form of pests and improving produce of every farmer all over the world. They create break-through in agricultural field which can make them a superstar if the product they invented made a successful entry into the market of farming. In all due fairness, Agro-chemists are also among those behind the big names in the agricultural business like Bayer, Syngenta, DuPont and other big business names.

With so much innovations going on with some chemical companies, new generation of Agro-chemist experts are being eyed to be hired in the coming years. Indeed, actions are being taken to fund scholarship for a final year of PhD students particularly from United Kingdom to attract more prospects. Moreover, graduates have the potential to be hired as toxicologist as new laboratories are opening and environmental programs are expanding. Others could also be involved doing research. However, before you could be hired, you have to be expert in your own field. For instance, if you are a Chemist, you have to be very competent in handling chemical products and knowledgeable of other things related to it.

Remarkably notable about this job is that you have to collaborate with other experts like biologists, engineers, chemists and other people of your area and from other sectors of the company. Hence, it is eminent that ideas be communicated to people within your team most importantly to the people who you work for. Fairly wonderful too is the fact that at times you can escape the four walls of your office to talk to people to get feedbacks for improvement of the product or to give trainings for effective usage of it. Since you are an expert, you can also be topped as a consultant in your own expertise.

Students who are envisioning joining the wagon of Agro-chemical and Pest Management teams need to undertake chemistry of pesticides and their formulation, soil science, entomology, weeds crops and their diseases, analysis of agrochemicals, toxicology and life science with apprenticeship in their spare time. Joining in this venture appears not easy but once you entered the premise of this career, your time and effort is all worthwhile.