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Ancient civilizations and cultures have always been a fascinating theme in the movies where archeologists’ knowledge of history usually saves the world. Perhaps, there are already a lot of Egyptologists so it might not be a good idea to take up Egyptian History but what one can do is take up Ancient Indian History and Culture as India was also one of the greatest ancient civilizations in the world.

Enrollees to this course must be prepared for tons of reading as it is basically a subject about chronicled events. But the tricky part here is that these chronicled events are not in simple letters but in Sanskrit, and so learning to read and write Sanskrit is imperative. Not being able to learn Sanskrit is like going to a war without a gun and so it is one basic requirement to be able to learn this ancient language where the Upanishads and the Gitas where written. This is not a dead language; by the way there are villages in India that still speaks Sanskrit so it should not be that hard to learn this important basic skill.  Archaeological concepts would definitely be taught here where students will be exposed to ancient temples, ancient coins used and other things that could give one an idea of which period one came from.

Studying Ancient Indian Civilization and Culture is not easy as it sounds because it’s not pure history because students will be exposed to the different religions and philosophical thinking of different periods as well. The hard part in this subject area is that Ancient India had not only one religion back then but there were several of them.

Another aspect to this course is its application to modern times such as tourism. So, it is not only pure history that the students will learn but this course would also equip students in tourism management. Tourism and archaeology are interrelated fields though totally different disciplines. In tourism, there are only two kinds of avenues where people come to visit a country, one is historical places and the other is where people can unwind like majestic beaches and breathtaking views like waterfalls and mountain tops. India being one of the oldest and biggest civilizations would certainly have lots of ancient ruins and temples. Perhaps, the Taj Mahal is doubtless that it is one of the most visited temples in the world but there are so much older temples in the India which people ought to take a look to really appreciate the grandeur of ancient India.

Along with tourism management, students would also be taught in museum management. Museum management is a whole different subject area. Although museums in India is not as appreciated yet as well in Europe, but ancient items needs to be taken cared of and showcased. Archiving and cataloging techniques, which are a science unto themselves, would be taught as one of the possible jobs graduates of this course would be is managing a museum.

Graduates of this course would definitely have lots of opportunities for them as they could be archaeologists, museum curators, writers, teachers and translators to name a few.